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Message Subject FreemanITOBA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Yes I do have a link to that,

but it is only within yourself as your ability to discern for yourself that I indeed actually have spoken with real living people face to face about these issues and am accurately relaying what I have heard.

Yes the GOVT borrows its money from the IMF, who gets it from the World Bank.

Where does the world bank get it from?

I'm thinking that you think it comes from We The People.

But it doesn't.

It comes from NOTHING, it comes from THIN AIR, it comes from THE MINDS OF THE CONTROLLERS OF THE WORLD BANK.

Because that is what fiat currency is, nothing pulled out of thin air.

Then where does all the taxpayers money go every year? To fund tptWERE agendas. The ONLY reason our money system has ANY VALUE WHATSOEVER is because ignorant sheeple accept DEBT AS REAL MONEY while not understanding how direct and indirect taxation is taking back 50%-80% of all that money any given user spends.

They take our time and energy and convert into war etcetc,

and then give us LESS THAN NOTHING in return

because people accept this situation

BY THEIR OWN IGNORANCE of how money is using them.

To be part of the problem is not a solution, no matter how much material convenience it may buy you to tap into a fake account set up by a fraudulent CORP GOVT. Stealing dividends is meaningless compared to the fact that those dividends are based within a system that is purely self defeating.

I still love your statement that if you want to protest, stay at home and grow a garden. At the same time, is that really protest? Can we not simply choose another way without telling others they shouldn't be doing what they are doing?

I don't protest anything, but I absolutely do hold people accountable for any decisions they make which result in criminal outcomes, so this isn't protesting anything, it is simply shining another light of justice and truth on a situation which people desperately need to understand if there is to be any hope of it being fixed.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward and have since heard of people getting cheques for six figures from the GOVT because of accessing this money,

Money is backed by your hard work the world over, your potential earnings is what backs the fake money.

Our tax dollars go straight to repay the grubbyMINTS(GM) borrowings,VIA the IRD,CRA,IRS or what ever its called in your place of domicile.
The GMINT borrows more money to pay for our hospitals, schools and infrastructure.

If the tax collected is repaying the loan, and the money is backed by our hard work and future income, I for one forgive the debt, and you should to.

Think of the savings getting rid of all the tax agencies, the world over, no more war for one.

If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem, and I applaud your response, I suspect maybe our commonwealth connection.

Just look at that word will ya commonwealth, not commonpoorslavebastards.
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