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Message Subject FreemanITOBA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Money is backed by your hard work the world over, your potential earnings is what backs the fake money.

Our tax dollars go straight to repay the grubbyMINTS(GM) borrowings,VIA the IRD,CRA,IRS or what ever its called in your place of domicile.
The GMINT borrows more money to pay for our hospitals, schools and infrastructure.

If the tax collected is repaying the loan, and the money is backed by our hard work and future income, I for one forgive the debt, and you should to.

Think of the savings getting rid of all the tax agencies, the world over, no more war for one.

If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem, and I applaud your response, I suspect maybe our commonwealth connection.

Just look at that word will ya commonwealth, not commonpoorslavebastards.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1517582

We are definitely on the same track here, no doubt.

At the same time, I must refure your tptWERE perspective that fiat currencies are backed by people's hard work.

It's not.

Again, the only reason We The People accept fiat currency is because of the general IGNORANCE of how money works,

because if the masses actually took some time to figure out how this system actually works,


Our fiat money system is backed by COMPLACENCY AND IGNORANCE, which is annually bought and paid for by the fact that so many people have been disempowered to the point of thinking they NEED AND ARE THEREFORE DEPENDING ON MONEY TO SURVIVE.

If I had to pack my shit and leave now, I would be fully confident of my ability to make my own shelter, find enough to eat and generally survive out in the wilderness. Most people are not in this boat because they have spent all their life being codependent on money to provide the trading means to acquire what they want and need.

Furthermore, there is NOTHING TO FORGIVE because the debt as it currently exists IS NOT REAL.

Charging interest on a fiat currency is CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT if not outright CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY:

why would I accept any notion of being part of that criminality?

As far as forgiving the criminals who have perpetuated this madness for so long, there is also no need to do that, for within God's perfect Will, EveryThing is happening according to Our Highest Interest, including this money system helping people wake up and step up. And for that, I THANK all this bullshit, because ultimately it will help us have a more enlightened experience here on Earth as the Human race and as Human individuals.

Perhaps not as soon as some of us would prefer, but there are always people ahead of their time, is there not?
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