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Message Subject FreemanITOBA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Glad we are on the same page.

I am saying the debt currency is backed by your labour, and the birth certificate is proof of your shareholder status.

A share holder appoints CEO or directors, to tell the trustee what do do , in order for the share holder to get maximum profit.

Now if the funny money has no backing,because most countries are bankrupt,and we are operating in debt notes, who are the creditors?

The only value a GMINT has is what you unwillingly give them, by Gmint deception, that you are not the debtor.

My BC gives me shares in the corporation of NZ,it has a cu-sip number that matches the New York stock exchange, for my birth cert, and drivers licence, and any other bond able activity, IE passport.

So from dean s work it goes like this, and he uses Microsoft for an example.

Bill gates

Shareholders Trustees
equity input employees

Now if you are sole share holder to bill gates company, you appoint directors who will set policy for the trustees, to maximise profit to the shareholders.

So if I hold a sole share holders certificate as witnessed by my birth cert. I can nominate my choice of CEO /director.

And I can appoint myself to that position, who else will look after the share holder/creditor assests better than the anyone.

I can be SSholder, CEO and trustee

Let us see how this works for grubbyMint, GM thinks its the CEO, and you the employee/trustee, and is bossing you about with rules and regs that belong to the public servants, as well as using the BC to collect on your dividend, and steal your vote, you never knew you had.

GMINT appoints its self CEO, the trustees are public servents, I am a share holder to the NZ corporation, am neither a public servent nor in GMINT.

And yes I hunt and fish, i live off the grid so to speak, but refuse to be distracted, by the hoopla of GMINT DECEPTION5a
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