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Message Subject FreemanITOBA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Powers That WERE

ie the CORP GOVT.

I understand full well what you are saying and striving to accomplish.

What I don't understand is why any sane Human Being would submit to the CORP bullshit.

Their money is DEBT, sure you can take control of it if you want to but why would you want to do that when it will only make you responsible for paying back the debt?

That's exactly what tptWERE want you to do, so they don't have to accept the responsibility for perpetuating a criminally corrupt system of finance and economics.

Why buy into a system that is designed to fail?

Maybe you are not sane?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1368376

The reason why is simple. Our ever increasing GOVT. debt is created, when we go to the bank for a mortgage, the banks rip us of in 4 ways

1, Application fraud
2, fraud collateral
3, Fraud Securitization
4, Fraud keeping promissory note in circulation after debt is paid.
This is the main reason for the national debt of all countries is raising because of our own failure to retrieve the original note on debt that has been paid.
proof, check national debt, against consumer debt.

Also max keiser Report 175 @ 19 minutes and 57 seconds.

Money is debt, how can it be paid back, with more debt? or a promise to pay. debt money is a promise to pay, when real money becomes available.
If a bank can not lend money(read bank act)who loans you a mortgage, you do. With your signature, it is the only value, so I can also pay with my signature.

I can't comment on tptWERE I am ignorant at present, but will look into it since you have introduced it.

You are right the System is rigged to fail, I do not support it , that is why I presented Dean Clifford video's for anyone else who wants to escape the system.
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