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Message Subject How the bible was formed, even religitards dont usually know this.
Poster Handle humanitech
Post Content
They made a council sat round and voted what should be included and what should not.

Simple as that.

This proves beyond doubt the bible was put together to control populations, that was the number one influence of including an element or not.

If a book could help control the people it was included, if not it wasnt. What does this tell you? Wake up people, its a sham.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1203745

It's all just another fake hierarchal divide and rule doctrine..where those that play along are only marginally less expolited than those that don't.

Infact it's the same format as every hierachal system ever devised by greedy men to control the world to their srewed up perceptions and ideas. There are loads of these basket cases and their BS running the show today in their respective regions and enclaves in all our societies.

Have you ever wondered why all of them have the same reality 1% at the top taking control of the wealth and resources of the world..whilst pretending to care of us and our lives. ALL bullshit for the ignorant and scared sheep to bow down to and follow without question or rights. Stupid really but that how advance we really are LOL
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