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Message Subject Best El Hierro Thread On GLP - Canary Islands - ACTIVITY HAS RETURNED - AGAIN!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"The steep-sided 1500-m-high scarp towers above a low lava platform bordering 12-km-wide El Golfo Bay, and three other large submarine landslide deposits occur to the SW and SE. Three prominent rifts oriented NW, NE, and south at 120 degree angles form prominent topographic ridges. The subaerial portion of the volcano consists of flat-lying Quaternary basaltic and trachybasaltic lava flows and tuffs capped by numerous young cinder cones and lava flows. Holocene cones and flows are found both on the outer flanks and in the El Golfo depression. Hierro contains the greatest concentration of young vents in the Canary Islands. Uncertainty surrounds the report of an historical eruption in 1793."

[link to earthquake-report.com]
 Quoting: Idgits

mhh, nice find op thx for this infohf
 Quoting: IwantToBelieve76

When you put it into numbers it helps to understand how this could be so devestating. This could essentially be a 18 million square meter surface area. That's a huge mass that could suddenly fall into the sea. A ridge 4600 feet high that would fall into a 36,000 foot long bay...on the top of a massive lava field...at 120 degree angle. That's extrmely steep and could generate some massive speed if falling downward. So, technically...it could do more than cause a tsunami...if the ridge colapses it could devestate the lava platform underneath and puncture it, apply pressure to it causing it to breach or may allow the lava field to break open inside the ridge itself where the earth fell down. There's all kinds of possibilities here. This island is called Hierro...it means "Iron" or "Strong" or even "Hero" based on the three langauges previously spoken there.
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