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Message Subject Best El Hierro Thread On GLP - Canary Islands - ACTIVITY HAS RETURNED - AGAIN!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
update for El Hierro unrest. 1100+ quakes last week, deformation keeping the pace,no significant changes in CO2

[link to www.facebook.com]
 Quoting: IwantToBelieve76

Thanks for the update. You know what I did...I pulled up [link to hisz.rsoe.hu] and I looked at the islands. If you zoom in on Hierro you will see what look like sink holes or elevation changes showing destabilization and deformation near the crest lines. The place is full of cuts and breaks and cliffs. I don't know how old or new those deformations are BUT they're there. If someone has google earth they may be able to get a newer view of the place.
 Quoting: Idgits

hehe, nice

well, lets check this
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