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Message Subject Best El Hierro Thread On GLP - Canary Islands - ACTIVITY HAS RETURNED - AGAIN!
Poster Handle Luisport
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Renato Rio says:

March 29, 2013 at 13:34

Good morning. Some more newds from PEVOLCA:
“The PEVOLCA maintains civil protection measures in El Hierro and follows the evolution of the phenomenon
03/29/2013 … 12:38 – Ministry of Economy, Finance and Security
* The data indicate that the seismicity has migrated to the southwest in the last 24 hours. The direction of the Civil Protection Plan for Volcanic Risk (PEVOLCA) maintains civil protection measures that were taken last Wednesday in El Hierro given the magnitude of the seismicity that is occurring to the west of the island.
As you may recall the steps taken by the management of PEVOLCA are the following:
Disabled the lane closest to the on the output side of Frontera tunnel closing the stretch of road between the HI 50 between Cruce de la Tabla and Sabinosa and the access road to the Playa La Madera, the Pozo de la Salud to the confluence with the HI 503. It is important to avoid transit through these areas because of the risk of landslides.
Accesses are opened to the Ermida de los Reyes and the southern Sabinar area, HI 400
Meanwhile it is maintained the yellow alert of information to the population in the area bounded by the HI 500 and the height of the Pozo de la Salud to the south, at the confluence of the HI HI 500 with 400 in the crossroads known as El Tomillar.
As for the seismo-volcanic phenomena, earthquakes located in the last 24 hours have migrated slightly to the southwest over previous days, reaching the west of Orchilla between 15 and 20 kilometers deep at a distance from the coast between 12 and 15 kilometers. The values of CO2 in the atmosphere have increased but are still within normal parameters.
The direction of PEVOLCA wants to remind you that they are doing continuous monitoring and real-time of thr phenomenon, so any change in the pattern of movements that imply risk will be communicated immediately. It also recommends considering the advice of self-protection in the event of earthquakes, known to all, and can be viewed in [link to www.gobiernodecanarias.org]
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