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Loss of Power During Disaster. How Did You Manage?

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United States
08/30/2011 01:11 PM
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Loss of Power During Disaster. How Did You Manage?
I read that more than 8 million "customers" lost power during Hurricane Irene and about 3 million are still without. That is a lot of people without lights, water, refrigeration, air conditioning, tv, computer, entertainment, etc. You can't get gas during an outage; you can't get money from the atm; you can't buy groceries with your debit card.

So how did you cope? Were you stocked up? Did you get to the stores before they sold out of essentials? Were you caught unprepared?

What did you learn from your experience?

There are many people still dealing with the horrible aftermath of Irene. Vermont has been hit especially hard. I wish all those who have been effected the very best and those who lost loved ones or their homes, my condolences.

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live modestly and prepare for inclement weather.
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