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The powers and abilities gained by you in the Atlantean/Mayan Calendar

Lucian Ilea
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08/30/2011 03:17 PM
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The powers and abilities gained by you in the Atlantean/Mayan Calendar
The most important and overlooked,because it is hard to understand,concept of the mayan or atlantean calendar is the Ideea of Completion or Fulfilness
This means that the character of a cycle appears at the Completion or the end of it and not at its beginning

Like a woman who is impregnated with a spirit of a man gives birth to a child at the Completion of her birth cycle lasting for 9 months so do these Light Creations
Thus the first nations appear at the end of the National cycle and not at its beginning

But the new child is newborn it is not yet a fully fledged creature;in order to mature himself he needs to pass through the next cycle
So the Nations were child nations when they were created 400 years ago and they matured in the next cycle called the Planetary cycle
Finally the young man becomes adult in the 3rd cycle
For nations this is the Galactic Cycle
So only at the completion of the Planetary cycle or in other words,at the beginning of the Galactic cycle may the nations be considered to be fully developed,a Mature Creation

In the same way,planetary creations based on Power and Individualism are considered to be mature at the beginning of the Universal Cycle
Since it is fairly obvious that the planetary civilizations residing on our own planet Gaia are not yet mature:The European Union,the North American Union,the South American Union,The African Union,The Oceanic Union ,the Asian Union,the Community of Independent States,the Islamic World,the China's sphere of influence and the Israel's sphere of influence
also the Romanian sphere of influence

it is easy to conclude that we are not in the Universal cycle yet as Calleman claims
Furthermore in the universal cycle our galaxy should be united and we are at a long shot from that happening

Thus let us begin with the national cycle,since I don not wish to bother the slave societies,primitive and savage peoples around here hf

In the National Cycle the national character is formed thorugh the birth of Religion,Money and Laws
Thus at the Completion of this cycle you have the ability to lead your nation,your vision ends at the borders of your nations and you have a grasp of individual Power
thus the country leaders today are,you guess..
Power people,who want to demonstrate to themselves that thye can do Anything:nukes,tornadoes,aliens,space missions,money raising,law passing ,etc
their main satisfaction is found in Controlling their own people and treating them like slaves

In the Planetary Cycle the civilization character is formed through Power,Information and Control
Thus at the Completion of this cycle you have the ability to lead your civilization (EU,AU,American Union,ASEAN,CSI,etc) ,your vision ends at the borders of your civilization and you have a grasp of Ethics
You want to do Good or Bad things to your people and others
There are Ethics of Good and Ethics of Evil
Of course,ethics is subjective to your own subjective opinion
-Is it good to take a loan of 25 billions from the IMF?or let them starve to death and allow themselves to wake up earlier?
Thus you are marching through the 5th Dimension ,after 3D Space and 1D Time called 1D Choice
You are making choices.,...8000 of them

In the Galactic Cycle the galactic character is formed through Ethics,Knowledge and Choice
Now Knowledge leads to Consciousness in the Universal Cycle and it is totally different from simple Informations
Thus at the Completion of this cycle you have the ability to lead your Milky Way galaxy or the Home Galaxy of Atlantis or the Home Galaxy of the Annunaki who are just paying us a visit...again...
and you have a grasp of Consciousness
Your decisions are Conscious decisions:
-Let me write emails to the leaders of planetary civilizations on this planet and alien civs and make them Conscious about the Annunaki invasion..or..let us do not make them Conscious in order to reach Consciousness on thier own
Consciousness manifests itself through Time and Choice
it does not manifest itself thorugh Space
If you are in specific place you are not more or less conscious than if you travel to another place
of course your Decision to Make a Choice about travelling will change your Consciousness but that is about Choice not Space
also it is influenced through Time..I stopped writing emails to wrold Leaders in may because I wanted them to make a fight and then Raise their Consciousness after that
You are making changes of Consciousness...400
At the end of this cycle you will have 7 Dimensions:2 more dimensions of consciousness are added

In the Universal Cycle the universal character is formed through Consciousness
Consciousness leads to Spirit
meaning that at the Completion of this cycle you will be walking in 7+3D or in the 3D spatial dimensions of the Multiverse of YOUR OWN SPIRIT
You have to make spiritual decisions
-Will I write this thread here and risk to be swear again by some primitive people in order to Raise the Spirit of others or not?
Thus in this cycle you meet the Brown Universal Race
or simply called the Indians,the Gypsies,the Arabs ,the American Indians and so on
They are moving in Consciousness so if you are moving in
Spirit you can understand them and talk to them
and have agreat respect for them too
Do you know that in the arab countries,everything vital is free?
Education,Communication(mobile phones and internet),Food,Water,Electricity,Health and Houses
Why they are doing this
-Because they have a lot of oil under their asses
-But people in America and Europe are rich too,even richer;why dont I have the same facilities there?
-Because they are dictators who care
-Because they are Conscious that these things are needed while the people in Atlantis are Unconscious about the needs of others
In Arvena Neo et in Arcadia Ego
I am an Atlantean living in Atlantis when it flew again :)
ZAL Moxe