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Message Subject The Enlightened Ego Solving the Problems of Awakening
Poster Handle OmarEastwind
Post Content
Excellent post OP! 5 stars and you've been added to my buddy list.

The ego is so deceptive...

Just a few minutes ago I posted something on another thread about nightmares...it might add to this discussion:

Quote: "Yes, I've been having lots of violent and strange dreams...not at all normal for me.

My theory is: In order to move into a higher state of consciousness, ALL our repressed and ugly thoughts and tendencies have to be brought to the surface to be looked at, accepted, forgiven and finally, let go. This process will involve bad dreams, and can be painful, but if we practice gentle acceptance and forgiveness, we can move through it gracefully.

What happens in our dreams is microcosmic, while we can also see the same thing out there in the world, macrocosmically. The world can look a lot like a crazy dream...because it is.

Of course, this is my theory...I'm not trying to sell it to anyone else..."

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