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Message Subject The Enlightened Ego – Solving the Problems of Awakening
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well it means LOADS to me, having the opportunity to have read your post OP.

If I am 'ready' for it or not, I can relate to it, I reckognize it from within myself and my own actions. If I would have figured it out on my own? Maybe one day, maybe not.

For me, this has all been one amazing and fantastic journey and I know that I still have far to travel before I 'get there'.

However, with that said, my journeys have brought me to this site, to this thread and to your words, which have planted a seed within me which, if cared for properly, will blossom over time with better understanding.

As opposed to previous replies (above mine), I do not feel cheated in any way and the words and meaning of your post don't mean any less than if I had spent 40 years contemplating this very thing to only cry out "Eureka!".

My journey has lead me here, right here and right now, and for that I am grateful.

Thank you OP.

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