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Message Subject The Enlightened Ego Solving the Problems of Awakening
Poster Handle pauldamo
Post Content
i think i understand what you mean,my pineal activated involuntary after i had a realization,a beam of gold metallic light hit me in the forehead and flowed through my body,but it lifted me up and put my body in a position i was uncomfortable with,like it lifted me on to my toes, head thrown back and forced my arms to stretch out to my sides,i felt like i was standing in the crucifixion position,i suddenly had the realization of how i was standing and freaked out,i said no in my head,thinking i would be going around thinking i was Jesus or something special,so the energy withdraw,when i think back,what i saw at the end of the hollow beam was actually me,or the me how i could be,i dread saying no now,but the energy was so intense i thought it was going to kill me,but now i think i don't care if it does,if it happens again, I'm going to say,yes.good post 5 stars
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