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Message Subject The Enlightened Ego Solving the Problems of Awakening
Poster Handle OmarEastwind
Post Content
Well, once you're awakened, how will your human life be different?
 Quoting: Celia D.

Some famous Zen master, who's name I can't remember, said "Before enlightenment, chop wood...carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood...carry water."

Nothing necessarily changes in the illusory world...the changes take place within the mind.

 Quoting: OmarEastwind

That Zen saying exactly means what it means, that no-thing changes. Realization means, that whatever was always - is being realized. It means that nothing new is gained and nothing is lost. How can change take place within the mind which itself does not exist? Have you inquired into the mind? Have you asked to whom does the mind come? Have you investigated what is it and if is it?
 Quoting: lol 778496

The change within the mind is the realization that there is no change within the Mind. The One Mind, that has many names within this "reality"....

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