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Message Subject To the PRODIGAL SONS of the ILLUMINATI..........AWAKENED ..
Poster Handle Dragon
Post Content
Alright darling,

Ask some intelligent non-sarcastic questions, and no, I'm not offering my own identity up to the likes of this trashy crowd. Ask away, please.
 Quoting: Dragon 1529441

Why don't you treat others nicer?
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

If you had an opportunity with a big world leader to ask one question, would you ask something as stupid and trite as this? Are we in kindergarten?

To answer, I have tried nice. I have tried disclosure. Each time I have, with the most genuine of intentions, I have been called names, ridiculed, and superceded by either god-complexers or attention-whores. Every time I speak a huge effort immediately kicks off to discredit every single thing I say, and out of everybody in this tumultuous site, you might shadoobie your pants if you realized what my credentials are. That isnt a bluff, that isnt auto-stoking of ego, its fact, and I could simply hand you one of my old business cards to prove it were we to meet.

You all whore like groupies after the people on here serving up the foulest trays of crap, with a complete and epic failure to use good discernment between what is good information and what is people with no lives trying desperately to create a fantasy life where they are somebody important, the greatest flaw in the design of the internet to date.

I have tried to share what I know within this arena of those claim they care and claim further that they study this sort of material, but it falls on deaf ears, except of course it goes very noticed to all the disinformation agents who quickly spring into action. When you live a life reminiscent of a Dan Brown novel, yeah, you end up a little jaded. Pardon the hell out of me.

Clearly nay a one of you are capable of processing real and true information, so continue following your false prophets. You will look like quite the fools once this is all dragged out into the open at your local Barnes & Noble.

Then, my friends, you can naysay all you want, the fact will remain my book is sitting on the non-fiction shelf, and no publisher would give any of you the time of day. For one to have given me their time, I clearly had to establish my credentials and provide them with the evidence to back every word I say to prevent libel suits.

And no, I'm not giving away the book, you can wait until you hear about it after its launched, because TPTB are DESPERATE to get a grasp of what is written inside it, so they can begin preparing for imminent disaster for their establishment. The Morgan Affair almost did it. I am completing that work. The Freemason's grip on this planet will soon cease from existence, and all that will be left of that piece of shit Order will be scary summer camp stories that teenagers giggle over with flashlights.

Now, ask me again why I'm not nicer.
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