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Message Subject To the PRODIGAL SONS of the ILLUMINATI..........AWAKENED ..
Poster Handle Dragon
Post Content
To answer, I have tried nice. I have tried disclosure. Each time I have, with the most genuine of intentions, I have been called names, ridiculed, and superceded by either god-complexers or attention-whores. Every time I speak a huge effort immediately kicks off to discredit every single thing I say, and out of everybody in this tumultuous site, you might shadoobie your pants if you realized what my credentials are. That isnt a bluff, that isnt auto-stoking of ego, its fact, and I could simply hand you one of my old business cards to prove it were we to meet.
 Quoting: Dragon 1529441

I will never call you names.

I will treat you with respect.

I expect the same out of you, of course.
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

Deal, and out of all the foolishness on here, thank you for saying something (for here) profound.


So (I'm grinning right now - Vogue has that effect on me) who am I? Are you perhaps a friend from Facebook? You know an awful lot... though I am not at liberty to say what you know in front of these profane.

About not trusting the masses... its like that line from the original Matrix, where Morpheus is explaining to Neo that anyone can possibly be an agent. Now thats corny and cliche I realize, but very true given the nature of the establishment.
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