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Message Subject To the PRODIGAL SONS of the ILLUMINATI..........AWAKENED ..
Poster Handle the Dark night
Post Content

Apollo, bro.,

no offense, and don't take this the wrong way.

Dragon reminds me of most esotericists that I know.

A little angry, very smart, with some axe to grind about something or other.

You on the other hand, you kind of remind me of an esoteric uhh,

the best way to put this, and i mean no offense,

kind of like the neighbor on Home Improvement with Tim Allen,

everyones friend.

Which is good.

It's just not what I'm used to.

Most esotericists I know try to do an Aliester Crowley impression for a life time.

I guess thats why I dont fit in.

People see me as a clown, or the Esoteric Rodney Dangerfield

I'm at best, the comic relief.

 Quoting: the Dark night 1527437

Dark Night, at first you seemed half assed intelligent... but I digress, you opened your mouth and inserted foot.

If you don't know what the Octagon is or the "Court" (and I'm not speaking of the damned Jesters) then we are not anywhere remotely near being on the same level to be able to converse intelligibly.

By the way, a word of free advice (and when an anonymous diplomat offers free advice, here's more advice: you should listen):

If you are so quick to discount me, when I have offered up nothing but truthful statements and names and places to back it up, and simultaneously you are so quick to pledge allegiance to people like Apollo and the likes, then this goes to show that you along with everyone else on here WOULD BE THE FIRST DUMB FUCKING FUCKS to blindly accept dictators, false prophets, antichrists, all of it. There are two types of people in this world, leaders and followers, and you demonstrate in spades you have no leadership qualities.

What's wrong, never heard a KCCH cuss before? Do you even know what the fuck that is, expert on esoterists with axes to grind?

Die in a fire with your family screaming, please.
 Quoting: Dragon 1529441


Hey Dragon I feel you speak from the heart, but have you no sympathy for the bewildered masses? I know, I know the ignorance is enough to asphyxiate the wise. But every now and then a zombie can surprise you, they only need to be brought back from the dead.

I don't wish for you to divulge any 'big secrets' for I know where the true wisdom is born, but you are indeed an interesting fellow and I pick up on your energy. The falsehood in the world is insane, so why do the powers continue to conceal that which they hold true?
 Quoting: Vindicator

Because my friend and seeker, all those who gain power are afraid to lose it. They want those chairs and titles they have to last forever.
 Quoting: Dragon 1529441

I saw this too

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