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Message Subject To the PRODIGAL SONS of the ILLUMINATI..........AWAKENED ..
Poster Handle Poster 8398
Post Content
"If you will it, it is no dream"

Where is Apollo? He go on vacation or something?

Anyway, we are all one, at least were supposed to be in the beginning. Man stood in paradise, but decided to look through that golden ornate door of knowledge, or ate the fruit whichever you prefer. This fruit transfigured his sight to behold 'black' and 'white' and to be aware of the self. Hence, duality.

This is the bad snake or 'evil one' the great Satan that we must slay, actually he's already dead mankind just does'nt know it yet, and they mourn his loss regrettably. The great Satan was created through the thoughts of mankind. Think of man as one being or soul, entity what have you. But God trusted him unto the forever Earth because he knew it would play out. Think of linear time as a parade, we see it from the street, and watch it float on by, but the Eternal resides in a blimp high up there, and sees all beginning to end. Of course right?

'Satan' only exists in the heart of man, he has no actual power, and really does not exist. Death does not exist nor hell, but it does at the present time because man wills it on.

Well, fuck the bullshit, time to crack the heavens and expose the frauds for what they are. Though we will die in this lifetime, we can do our part now to take our place among the true Sons of the most high in the highest of dimensions, where time stands still.


Death = bullshit

Hell = bullshit

Satan = ultimate fucking bullshit The father of lies and himself a lie.

Forever strength to the brotherhood, and all will be redeemed but the false images of man.
 Quoting: Vindicator

He's as real as the Earth you see out your window.
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