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Message Subject To the PRODIGAL SONS of the ILLUMINATI..........AWAKENED ..
Poster Handle ApocalypseWars.com
Post Content

Trust, but ALWAYS verify. Especially non-dragons. Without trust, man will never evolve into a new age.
 Quoting: ApocalypseWars.com

You are right.

Trust Hope Virtue Temperance Fortitude. Patience. Discipline

I'm learning AW, I Am.

I was forgiven, so in return i must forgive, otherwise what is the point?

God indeed loves all of his children.

Forgot Faith, big importance here. Peace to the Earth she has suffered too much.
 Quoting: Vindicator

I praise in good news that we BOTH are on the path of the light which is learning, knowledge and a culmination of the 2 words, wisdom. Every day I learn something new or uncover a stone my ancestors have not. It is a beautiful journey to learn daily, love and be part of the ancient plan our ancestors had started for "us."

Yes, we are forgiven and MUST always forgive for our world to move forward all MUST be forgiven, but no forgotten. I say AMEN to forgetting faith and religion for a new age based on love and the respect of our earth, father sun and mother venus. Without them, life for us humans would be an impossibility and let us give honor where properly due.

To our creators and our ancestors may this new age be dedicated.
 Quoting: ApocalypseWars.com

We are already there my brother, I have shed many tears of compassion for mankind and our Earth. I cried out to God and he now has answered and I am in a state of eternal bliss. I only wanted you guys to see what I see, for it is not meant to be a secret, God holds nothing from his little ones, he shall wipe every tear from our eyes, and at last we know the mystery of God.
 Quoting: Vindicator

Yes, I agree my brother and me as well. I am in heaven now, when most people seem to be in Hades. Let us help our brothers from the darkness into the light and to our heavenly homeland 5a
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