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Message Subject PLEASE READ THIS: I NEED ANSWERSWhat can you tell me about The American Community Survey-Dept of Commerce and the Census Bureau?
Poster Handle Seejanerun
Post Content
I'm looking through this further as I wait for an answer from some kind soul and it gets weirder and weider.

THey want to know what time of day I leave my home in my vechicle. What time I come back,

"How many people usually rode to work in you car, van or truck last week?" Why the hell do they need to know this?

"Last week was this person absent from a job or business? If so for how many days.

"how many minutes did it take you to get from work to home last week?

I am not totally crazy nor am I totally paranoid, but the questions are way too involved. TIme to get from work to home? I haven't even gotten through all the questions yet.

Can anyone give me advice on why I have this and why they are asking these types of questions. Has anyone else gotten one of these?

I feel it is an invasion of privacy and the answers to these questions are none of their business.
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