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Message Subject Lab grown meat 6 months away?
Poster Handle gingie369
Post Content
Agree we really don’t know what they are feeding us….. have you ever had a fresh chicken? One that has not gone through the factory? There is a world of difference in taste and texture
 Quoting: YaRight

And cow!

And eggs!


The worst is; go buy a flank steak from a butcher.
Go to wal-mart and buy a similar cut.

You will see the difference, feel, and taste as well.

Wal Mart meat is grown in labs, I bought it once - I felt it, and I knew right away!
 Quoting: gingie369

Lol I bought meat from Wallmart (one) time….omg there is something really wrong with it
 Quoting: YaRight

I know!
A nice cut of beef should not feel like 8 cows processed into one cut.

We live in a disgusting vile world my friend.
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