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Ufo landing over serbia repost + some little background story :/

very dead dead fella
User ID: 1530340
Czech Republic
09/01/2011 02:22 AM
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Ufo landing over serbia repost + some little background story :/
[link to link.brightcove.com]

this video may be not fake whatsoever, id just love to see their glazed look and faces when they stand there and look into depths of far as the ship bailed them out with all the alarms ringing and yelling around. They didnt came there to pick some usual cows up or implant some nuts hillbillies with crazy stuff like all the time. But the ship maybe bailed them out, if ure asking why let me explain

There is no UFO and there are no aliens, iam not saying this cuz goverments are saying this but because AKASHA is locked down since there was attack on Atlantis and city were sunk. Akasha is working like big buffer or history/experience bookshelf into which every lantian has free acces to gain knowledge. If there were aliens coming AKASHA should increase in order to pre-buffer new beigns before they actually enters the earth and start interacting. Call it reaction before action ( quantum mechanics ).Since AKASHA had been locked out by Atlantis admins theyre is no way such thingy can happen ( also as going to heaven, uh-uh sorry fellas ure all stucked in this planet till next year ).

Theese UFO's arent UFO's at all but our ships, lantian ships that we allow to theese stupid little bipod chickens from the Mesozoic era ( call them reptiles or whatsoever its ur part of the story ;d ) to use, they were quite bad in using this pieces of very sophisticated pieces of technology since then, even flying theese things str8 was giving them serious problems but we were like whatever, we got our materialism and domination of technology over the rest of habitants so why do even take care.

They knew how to operate tractor beam thou, even when they countinously failed to activate weapons or even finging weapon rails and undercarridge on the exterior they looked like its ok for them, so with theese flying around like huge mastodonts incapable of fire only thing to do around was to hijack some redneck and try to implant him with some stuff that was lying around, sometimes they hit jackpot and actually imlanted subject with working bio signs tracker but there were also times when they left in poor fellow spare part of ship ( engine thermostats, energy regulator chips etc ) so at least we got some fun from their slappy method to get used to our technology which in combination with stealing horses, cows ets made our ass laugh off ( seriously what kind of guy takes state of the ark ship and uses it to steal cow ?? its like taking space shuttle to buy new washing machine from neighbour town its like giving a gipsy top of the line rollsroyce ).

They were also traveling to distant stars in order to find something there but since ever the lockdown all the stuff around pretty soon perished so when they arrived to another place only thing they found there was str8 sh*** with depletion of min. 1/3 of their fuel and considerable loss of time in their lifes. Alhou theese machines were operated by them, lately they started to appear more and more ( by the shock of their pilots, not by their doing ) because the grand year is coming and the old masters are trying to recall their doomsday devices once again into their hands. We broke the deal by that, you say little fella? Nobody discussed that with you or you werent warned ? too bad we get them because we want them and because we said so. Thoose green scooters were lucky enough that ship landed with them but unfortunately instead of them running into nearest woods saving their lifes they just stare and then just jumped back in, good scenario, they crashed, russians picked up their bodies and started to examine to found totaly nothing usefull, or bad scenario, the ship just bailed them out in cruise speed ( enjoy the view ).

next year is end of 12 zodiac symbols string, we go 2012 and we go grand year, great thing for all humans, big shame for all lantians, why ? because in 2012 the cycle ends and we return to the original shape of things, Olymp resistance is fighting in distant planet ( althou theyre travelling there right now, counting on us latians back home that we back them up with state of the ark tech, or nice beatifull warm gardens where they can recuperate and relax after fight or reincarnation after death in battle ) an we lantians are gonna pay for all the crimes we did to humanity and gaia itself. Althou i still dont understand why our fellow citizens likes to give people creeps and hard time when its gonna be them who are going to die, both fractions of atlantis knows the truth.

Humans are about to get finally free out of our technocratic bounds and enslavement into free world ( with love from their gods ) and we, who put materialism above human potential ( althou i wasnt in that group , i was capable to stop that madness and was with atlantis till last moment and took actions to prevent further damage / preserving rest of the city so iam just as well they on top #5 pain list of masters from olymp whos gonna make us pay hard - dammn i can jump off my skin right now as i know what theyre used to do :(( ... ), enslaved most part of human race, were bullyraging jewish people and 64 yers before the end of cycle we told them truth about akasha and let them make their own state ( this one pisses me the fucking most :(( ... ) after all they had to accept from our side for that veeeeery long time, for turning gods beloved children against each another, for damaging our sacred gaia and for collaborating with enemy that we sworn to eradicate and hunt down in the name of resistance against the empire ( ouch man, our technology never should ended in man's hand, we were suppoused made for zeus statr of the ark weaponry only, we failed terribly, we gave u weapons and knowledge you fully didnt understood and the rest we gave to enemy to trade for wellfare of your twisted idiotic nature)

So there are two scenarios that could take place, 1st we reunite again under one command, purpouse and flag, restore atlantis and restart akasha, deleting memories of all habitants in this planet, and restarting whole cycle, clearing all evidence up and hoping that with good explanation and help of dietie's descendants ( hercules, athena etc. thoose who we were slaying and engaging in war ) zeus will have mercy for us and let us suffer for only short time and duration :(( for thou we ruined all that was sacred to him and stood up against all laws.Or they in their short minded rage will try to regain the old triumphs of their power, the mighty sky riders, with violation of previous treaty and unleashing full all out war and hell to the humans and gave them one last hell of a pain in name of our twisted idealogy. We all know how powerfull devices such are, few salvos and entire cities fall down and with that amount of them around ...... :X

I personally hope for 1st option, ive enjoyed my life staying around people, love them enjoy every moment with them, also learning from them. But point stands still the same, how will the 2nd side decide ? and if they decide wrong will we make it ? if we will be 1st to caputure even with violating treaty, we cant kill the 2nd side, because they will reincarnate and begin their life cycle again, and 1 year infant with all the knowledge is pretty much useless with helping us rebuilding old city, and if they capture them 1st, humans and we are having the same destiny, except it doubles for us, any way we get into very screwed situation for both sides

If you still want to continue somthing very brief from little history

When our elite test pilots were trying their first plane, they landed on huge continent. When they were taking a tour to find and unreveal the usefull sources of new food or extotic animals, they found a huge city with pyramid shaped buildings all over covered by jungle. When they still in suits with helmets and equipped with PDW's ( personal defence weapons ) stood and looked above the great village and its habitants, one of the older man with small group around him approaches to the pilots, looking at their helmets he points finger up above the skies, to the moon and morning star, with uncertain look in his face he was still holding finger aimed toward the stars and were looking uncertain of their response. Both pilots looked at each another and simultaneously show gesture of confirm by moving their helmets up and down again and again ......

And the enslavement began

When they returned back to the base plate, they were asked to make full report about test flight and places they visited, after talking each to another they confined report only to the test flight but soon the word of their meeting was spread amongst the bored and new stories wanting community after it came to the highest priests, the governors and administrators of Atlantis. Thou instead of denying they, thrilled by control and seizure were eager to meet and establish with new people

And the NWO took the first place

When they were ammasing armies of great numbers but low morale and tactical knowledge they found strange people that were living in simple and with nature attuned lifestyle, after offering them technology and knowledge they thanked but refused offer to join our newly formed armies, they shall be known and indineous population of America that later on payed their prize for declaining to join our cause and keeping their indempendancy on our sources and beign one with the nature

When we conquered all the western world the only one thing was left, the east. Problems were with greeks, they had strong ideology, tactics, dieties descendants, philosophy and values. Thou we were sending troop divisions counting 5x times more soldiers then defending forces we werent capable to break the lines to eastern world. Maybe it was because our lust for new territories and worshipers blinded our tactical and strategic sences, driving us crazy forward, or meybe it was due to bigger battle skill of greeks, or maybe that when we killed diety, 2nd day he was facing us in his full strenght ( dieties descendats werent born the usual life cycle way ). This fight so much draining our powers oepend opportunity for another before not so clearly seen enemy, with our last day of attack when our forward forces were urging for more of our soldiers from atlantis, claming enemy army is wihout general we rushed without thinking forward and furthermore depleted our troop contingent, leaving us to our doom which took place. AKASHA were locked, generator was overpowered ( that was the last thing we were working on before zeus left, some kind of generator so we can lift the city [ of this iam unsure ] and start building second level ) and antaeus was sent away. After that we all know what is happening, now and then, different names, different time, different place, but experience is all the same