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Wells Fargo just put a hold on my CASH deposit!!!!


User ID: 964647
United States
09/02/2011 05:53 PM

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Wells Fargo just put a hold on my CASH deposit!!!!
WTF- I just got home and found out that a deposit I made yesterday (a check written from the same wells fargo branch) that I asked to have cashed and deposited as cash) which she did, was put on hold for one day.

In the meantime, after making the cash dep I drove over to Chase bank, an hour later and made a pmt on my credit card by check, which miraculously cleared the bank that same day, triggering a bounce ck fee, although they paid it.

Now its after 4 pm and I cant talk to them about this till tuesday!! I am soooooo glad that I am in the process of changing banks!