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Message Subject ************* BLAZAR IS COMING!!!!!!!!*********%$25@%@%@%**************************8
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
hey OP!

I have read now many things of you.
Especially CERN/LHC.
I think you are right!
I´ve done some exeminations about this theme and CERN and
as I said, I think you are right!

You have tried to inform the press.
did they do anything?
did they report about it?

please don´t get angry, but I think when you try to
explain your theorie a little bit more calm I think
more peole would take it more serious.

I take it serious! And i´m very intersting in every
word you are saing!

what i really don´t understand, that why are you getting
so less feedback?

i think too, that the japan earthquake was generated by testing lhc in japan.
i have read about it, before i read your threads.
do you know when this test started and stoped?

where do you get your informations or do you have
any link about the testings of lhc/cern?

many specialist think, that this tests can make
wormholes and i have seen them on video at several
countries. they also say, that the test cause
for this tests they need a lot of power, magnetic
power, they use more magnetic power than our earth
magneticfield is strong.
so they have shot some neutrons in japan underground before the big earthquake also in italy/france.
in italy (north) and france since several month are
earthquakes, not strong but regulary.
also the vulcanos are more errupting.
i can´t remember when at last on earth are so much
vulcanoes were errupting.

there are so much strange things going on on this world.

spread it, but maybe you can try to announce it a litle
bit seriosly or calmer, i think than you get more

op, nice an much work you did!!!!

i will send you some links later
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