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Message Subject ************* BLAZAR IS COMING!!!!!!!!*********%$25@%@%@%**************************8
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Psszz predicted precisely that this would happen to the earth and its core if Cern lhc were allowed to stay operational. Op said exactly that the electromagnetic field would collapse and go haywire. Op said directly that the tectonic plates would crack and break into hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of fractured plates , and that the planet would super conduct and extremely heat up if Cern lhc were allowed to stay operational. All of this has come true and is coming true every hour now. Screw you mankind!!! Mankind truly has become an infestation now! Blazar get here soon , global conditions truly are becoming acceleratedly unbearable.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17494848


I think there's more to it than just CERN. Certainly, CERN is contributing to our problems. but I don't think that it alone is responsible for all of the Earth-changes we've been experiencing these past few years. Remember -- we can only get back what we put out. If we put out crap, we're going to get crap back. That's the inescapable universal law, which goes by many names but is nonetheless absolutely true, absolutely perfect, and absolutely inescapable.

I am not looking forward to what's coming on the earth, and those who are, are sick. To long for the destruction of God's amazing creation is a very evil wish indeed.
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