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Message Subject ************* BLAZAR IS COMING!!!!!!!!*********%$25@%@%@%**************************8
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wow, psszzz you're a genius. Just seen a report on tv about all the dormant volcanoes awakening and erupting, they can't figure it out. They say it is way beyond unprecedented in recorded history to have over 65 dormant volcanoes in one summer or for that matter an entire whole decade to awaken and start erupting . This summer exactly that has happened exactly as you said it would. So, I sent the news agency that reported it an email and gave them a link and explained it to them that you figured it out, but the scientists they interviewed are no where near as enlightened as you are. God damm CERN hadron collider!!!! I hope God is sending a Blazar here in around 12/21/12, mankind deserves an untimely fate now!
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