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Message Subject ************* BLAZAR IS COMING!!!!!!!!*********%$25@%@%@%**************************8
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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So what is a blazar? Simply put, itís the core of an active galaxy, where the galaxy is oriented face on, so a relativistic jet blasting out of the galaxy is oriented directly towards the Earth.

All large galaxies seem to contain supermassive black holes. There are times when these black holes are actively feeding on infalling material. In fact, so much material tries to get into the black hole that it backs up into an accretion disk around the center of the galaxy. The gravitational pressure is so extreme that the material heats up to millions of degrees and becomes like a star, emitting a tremendous amount of radiation. The rapidly spinning black hole generates a powerful magnetic field that whips up the material into jets that blast above and below the black hole. Material caught in these jets is accelerated nearly to the speed of light and fired out for hundreds of thousands of light-years.

Read more: [link to www.universetoday.com]

(50 % rule observed)
 Quoting: meganebula

Aren't these jets perpendicular to the galactic plain though?
 Quoting: N3m3s1s

It's not the actual jet that will impact our sun; it's the wave from the jet (like when you throw a rock in a pond, the ripples move outwards from the rock's point of entry). It's been advancing on our sun for some time now, and part of it is already here. The scientific community has been calling it "local fluff" or some such nonsense, with no word on how the main part of the wave is going to wash over our sun, which will then trigger immense solar storms, which will then cause cataclysms on earth that will rival the 2012 movie. It's happened before; it will happen again. The rulers and their henchmen have been preparing for it with our taxes, but they won't survive. The only ones who'll survive en masse are those who take shelter in caves on higher ground, just like in previous ages.
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