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A dire Warning about Potential Upcoming Illuminati Aggression, from Spirit.

Mr. Vibe
User ID: 1477048
United States
09/04/2011 12:00 AM
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A dire Warning about Potential Upcoming Illuminati Aggression, from Spirit.
I am posting this after I received what was likely a valid message from Spirit. Confirmation for this message is described below, but first the message:

Okay, time to speak again already:

The Illuminati have just discovered they have but a few weeks of time left simply because Elenin is due to arrive with a catastrophic EMP wave designed to wipe out their military overnight. Previously they have sent up weapons to destroy Elenin, but this attempt has failed.

Now the Illuminati are extremely angry and quite desperate. They know they have but a short time. Their feeling is that if they have only a few weeks of military power left, they should use it to introduce maximum chaos and retribution upon "the Woman and her Man-child", which includes many of the people reading this message.

So this is our warning to all, watch out for, and be prepared, for surprising and seemingly irrational attacks on all manner of groups. The Illuminati hold many weapons of mass destruction and they may use anyone of them, against any number of targets, whenever they please. They have freewill until their time is up.

This is a very sad development and one that the forces of mercy have tried to avoid. Our plan was to sneak up on them and disable them with Elenin, but our plan has failed now, also.

If the Illuminati go “ballistic”, the best strategy may be to leave the cities and hide in the countryside, or leave the industrialized countries altogether. Arming yourselves may have some positive affect or just make things worse, it depends. It is hard to know what to tell you. We will be with you to inform you if you can tune into us. It helps your chances if we warn you and you take it seriously.

Take care.

PS. The Illuminati have biologic weapons, energy weapons, traditional bullets, artillery, bombs, police, agents, and soldiers. They have nukes, dirty bombs, poisons for water supplies, HAARP and various weather wreckers, primitive spacecraft, media weapons, holograms to fool people, mind control equipment, and a host of brainwashed helpers who want to join them in their shelters.

The one thing stopping them from an all out attack is that they want to get into their bunkers and hide from wrath without problems. (And we want them in there to contain them, also.) So we are still hoping they will just run and hide, but it does not seem likely at this time.

Please stay alert for any bizarre aggressions and flee those areas if aggression breaks out. Be ready to leave quickly no matter where you are right now. Pray, remain suspicious, and stay tuned to trusted sources. Do try to monitor them entering their bunkers.

The messenger of this dictation has sought confirmation of an earthquake in advance and has received confirmation. He is a reliable and safe messenger for you."

CONFIRMATION of message:

As an OP, I would not post a message like this without confirmation. I do post at times without confirmation, but not a serious message like this one.

I asked to know about an earthquake in advance, so that I could see it come up on the USGS global real time earthquake site. As seen here:

[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

After about a 15 minute wait, while I played a card game at my computer, I was told that there would be a smaller 3.5M quake in the vicinity of Vanuatu. I immediately looked for such a quake on line and saw only the 7.0M one from earlier. I was disappointed until I realized that maybe it was still going to happen, or perhaps it just wasn't listed online yet. So I checked back every 5 minutes for a while, but still saw nothing.

Then I got a phone call reminding me to watch a TV program at 8:00 so I quit my desk and turned on the TV. I watched the hour long show and then part of another show. Towards the end of that show I remembered to check the USGS site again. After refreshing the screen, I saw a small red box signaling a quake within that very hour. The quake was in the Solomon Islands and was a 4.8M, the one listed here:

[link to earthquake.usgs.gov]

This is in the vicinity of Vanuatu and it occurred at 1:27 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) which is 7:27 PM CST (my time). This is nearly to the minute when I first heard about the smallish 3.5M quake prediction around Vanuatu. But it did not show up on USGS before my 8:00PM CST TV show.

I accepted this as confirmation even though the Solomon Islands are some 350 miles north of Vanuatu, and the quake was 4.8M instead of around 3.5M, because the Hathors said that spiritual beings, channeling from other dimensions, cannot predict with great accuracy what is going to occur in our dimension. They can only sense various energy configurations from a distance, and at a very weird angle (whatever that means).

At any rate, it seemed likely this message was properly validated so I decided to post the channeled message above. I realize there are earthquakes all the time in the Vanuatu region, much like Alaska, but this seem a little too coincidental to me.

UTC chart

[link to www.spacearchive.info]
Anonymous Coward
09/04/2011 12:01 AM
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Re: A dire Warning about Potential Upcoming Illuminati Aggression, from Spirit.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1530385
United States
09/04/2011 12:05 AM
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Re: A dire Warning about Potential Upcoming Illuminati Aggression, from Spirit.
Illuminati puppet