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Message Subject NINE---A Curious Number
Poster Handle Le Palma
Post Content
The Letter "T" (along with number "9")
is the venerated alphabetic
letter of the Gods. THe letter and variations of
it are recorded in genealogical tables dating
back thousands of years, and is used to
denote Female royalty in a specific Bloodline,
that passes the "GRAIL GENE" matrilinealy
through Mitochondrial DNA.

THoTH was known as "lord of time", "reckoner of Years",
and it is said that He introduced writing, measuring
of time, music, magic, art, medicine, Mathematics,
and astronomy. His symbol was a PALM LEAF.

TEF-NUT name meaning is Moisture like rain,
dew and clouds, was created by "ATUM" of the
ENNEAD in HELIOPOLIS with her brother SHU, AIR.
With them, duality began, and the sexual cycle
started, which is also in relation to the
creation story of mankind in the KJV bible.
TefNut also acquired the names "Lady of the Flame"
(similar to VESTA) and "The URAEUS ON THE HEAD
(Both Tefnut and Sekhmet are
depicted as having the head of a Lion)

Taweret/Taurt--- the HippopoTAMUS---protector of women
during childbirth, she carried a torch flame (like
columbia, lady liberty) called a SA, and the ANKH in
her hands...

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