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Message Subject GAY PRIDE PARADE!! (just look at it..)
Poster Handle OpenHeartMonk
Post Content
housing is expensive and sort of out of line with what people actually make

i think the housing market got inflated here same as most of the rest of the world. the 12% HST tax makes everything more expensive.

but!! the best things in life aren't always money, lol =)
 Quoting: OpenHeartMonk

we were thinking of checking out the houses two years ago but it was expensive. i heard that the housing market went down in nelson since then? do you think that's true?

someone told me a lot of rich outsiders come and buy the houses so it drives up the prices. i don't know what to believe.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1313077

maybe.. the market has been fairly flat for a couple of years

here's a link to some houses and properties listed for sale on ilovenelson.com:

[link to ilovenelson.com]
 Quoting: OpenHeartMonk

wow, a lot cheaper ($310) than were i live. however, it was in rosemont, not in the city of nelson. not sure if they would be more expensive in nelson rather than rosemont. here a similar house would go for $750K. crazy.

i may find my way back to nelson.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1313077

you just might! nelson is kinda funny like that.. =)
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