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Wingmakers Material Validated by Deep Insider *

Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/05/2011 06:34 AM
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Wingmakers Material Validated by Deep Insider *
The first phenomenon is what we’ve come to call the 3 percent protocol. (By the way, this is something no one wants us to know or connect the dots about!) This is the recognition that when 3 percent of the population of a given life form (monkeys, fireflies, rats, dogs, cats) acquires and manifests a new behaviour, the remainder acquires and expresses same as if by magic, regardless of distance or generational lineage. The second phenomenon, an external one to us yet actually an entraining one of us all, is the existence of seven centres of resonant harmonic entrainment located in all continents. We know now the location of four of them, and working at locating the remainder. We have a fairly clear notion of how they work, and what our part is, in the process that entrains us human beings.

Much of this was already known to us in the early 90s, several years before Jamisson Neruda let the cat out of the bag to a journalist named Sara. Moreover, as a linguist, Neruda’s direct contributions to the present effort have not extended beyond his initial exposition of the matter in his interviews with Sara and through the website subsequently set up to publicize the findings.

Source - [link to www.agoracosmopolitan.com]

Neruda Interviews


The interviews contained in this section of the WingMakers' website are transcripts taken from a series of interviews between Dr. Neruda (the defected ACIO scientist) and Sarah the journalist he contacted shortly after his defection. These interviews provide provocative insights into the Advance Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO) - the secret government organization responsible for reverse-engineering acquired extraterrestrial technologies.

The Neruda Interviews also provide remarkable insight into a wide variety of topics, including the human genome, secret societies, new physics, cosmology, extraterrestrial influence on earth, and the spiritual nature and purpose of humankind. The interviews are recorded and then transcribed by Sarah exactly as they occurred. These are the original files. It is recommended to read them in the order they were recorded.

There are .PDF file versions of the Neruda Interviews in both standard format and large font format available for free in the download section.

[link to wingmakers.com]

Some quotes from the 1st Neruda Interview.

Sarah: I mean, if someone had proof of God, isn't it their moral responsibility to share this information with the public?"

Dr. Neruda: "Perhaps, but the only way this could be shared with the public is to disclose who the Labyrinth Group is, and that isn't something that Fifteen even likes to contemplate doing. He's afraid of the ridicule and misunderstanding that would result, and firmly believes that no one would believe him anyway because there are so many hidden technologies that led him to his findings, and he has no interest in disclosing these technologies to academia, government institutions, or the media. He'd become the next messiah--or devil, depending on your perspective."

Sarah: "So he's trapped in his own secrecy"

Dr. Neruda: "In a way, but he's not feeling trapped. He's simply so far removed from the social fabric and scientific communities of academia that he has, for practical purposes, burned his bridges and has no intention of ever crossing the chasm that separates himself from all that he's left behind."

Sarah: "He must be incredibly lonely."

Dr. Neruda: "I don't think so. He seems extremely energized and basically happy. He's doing exactly what he wants to do, I can't say I've ever seen him depressed--maybe disappointed, but never depressed."

Sarah: "I still don't see the connection between LERM and BST?"

Dr. Neruda: "You see, if matter ultimately dissolves into octaves of light, and light dissolves into octaves of consciousness, and consciousness dissolves into octaves of reality, then matter, light, consciousness, and reality are all interdependent like an ecosystem. And like an ecosystem, if you change one element you affect the whole. Isolating any of the elements contained within LERM, and changing it, it can change reality. And this is a fundamental construct of BST. Does that answer your question?"

Sarah: "I'm not sure--I don't know, maybe all of this doesn't matter. Again, I'm feeling out of my territory. I find this interesting, but at the same time, it's frustrating. I even find myself feeling pissed off that all of this stuff is going on in my world and I don't know about it -- well, I mean I didn't know about it until just now. It seems like an injustice to me. It's the old haves and have-nots story all over again. Can you appreciate how someone would feel--hearing all of this for the first time, and feeling so left out?"

Dr. Neruda: "Yes, I understand."

Sarah: "To you, you can take all of this for granted. Afterall, you're in the know. But the rest of us, we muddle through our little lives thinking the world is this and that, when really we're just bumping into each other in the dark. We're essentially clueless, aren't we?"

Dr. Neruda: "I don't know--maybe. Maybe you're right, it doesn't matter. I simply know what I know and I believe what I believe. Any more than that, it's as mysterious to me as it is to you. It would be a great mistake to think that the Labyrinth Group, or any of its members, including Fifteen and the Corteum, understands it all. They don't. But they work hard to get the answers, Sarah. I mean really hard. They've devoted their entire lives to this mission of BST. They didn't simply fall into the knowledge by accident. They tried and failed at thousands of different experiments until they found the existence of LERM, and they'll probably fail another thousand times before they find the solution to BST. But believe me, these individuals didn't arrive at their knowledge casually or because it was gifted to them by some higher force."

Sarah: "No, I didn't mean it that way. I'm glad for the Labyrinth Group--I mean it. I'm happy that someone on this planet has figured this out, or at least is trying. It's just unfair that so few have the proof--the knowledge--the opportunity to understand all of this. Their lives are so different, they might as well be living on some other planet. They might as well be extraterrestrials."

Dr. Neruda: "I'm only laughing because that's been a fear of Fifteen's from the start; that if someone ever did find out about the Labyrinth Group and its agenda, they would be regarded as ETs. And here you are, confirming that fear."

Sarah: "In a way, I wish you hadn't selected me. My life is so different now. This is all I can think about. It consumes me every waking minute. I have no idea how I'm going to get this story out. I have no idea. None."

Dr. Neruda: "Sarah, do you remember the first time we talked and I mentioned the Corteum? Your first question was, What do they look like?"

Sarah: "Yes. And your point is?"

Dr. Neruda: "These are the natural questions that people will have. LERM may interest a few scientists, but I doubt it. What's portrayed in these interviews is so superficial that I doubt any scientist would take it very seriously. And those that would, would find it to be a noble gesture to authenticate monistic idealism, and nothing more. So you see, your initial instincts should be trusted. Ask the questions that people would be interested in that appeal to their basic sense of curiosity. And don't worry about changing the world through anything I have to say. I don't need that weight on my shoulders."

Sarah: "Okay, you're right. You're absolutely right. Besides, I'm not sure about the truth of all of this. I'm still not convinced of what you say--just for the record."

Dr. Neruda: "And I'm still not trying to convince you or anybody else. I'm just answering your questions as truthfully as I know how."

Sarah: "Touche.

"Now, for the benefit of those who read this interview eventually, what do the Corteum look like?"

Dr. Neruda: "I thought you'd never ask. They stand nearly three meters high and have very elongated heads and bodies. Their skin is very fair--almost translucent, like you might expect from a cave dweller. Their eyes are relatively large and have various colors just like our own, except the Corteum have different colors to their eyes depending on their age and, in some instances, their emotional state.

"What's very unique about the Corteum is that they have an incredibly articulate nervous system that enables them to process virtually everything that occurs within their environment, including the thoughts of another. Which means that when you're in their presence, you need to have control of your thoughts or else you'll potentially offend them. They're very sensitive emotionally.

Sarah: "How do they communicate with you?"

Dr. Neruda: "They speak perfect English or French, Italian, Spanish, or most any other language for that matter. They're very gifted linguists and can acquire average language skills in a matter of a few weeks, and operate as masters of the language within a few months. Their minds are like sponges, but like I said before, while they possess incredible mental powers to absorb new information and synthesize it with previous information, they're not necessarily adept at creating new information totally unrelated to existing information. That's precisely what impressed them so much with Fifteen."

Sarah: "What's their interest in the Ancient Arrow project?"

Dr. Neruda: "No different than Fifteen's I presume. They're completely absorbed in the efforts to create BST, and hope that there's some technology or theorem within the Ancient Arrow site that can help accelerate the development of BST."

Sarah: "And what do the Corteum want to do with BST?"

Dr. Neruda: "The Corteum have a planetary system that's in a very fragile state because its protective atmosphere is degenerating at an alarming rate. Their atmosphere protects them, just as our own, from harmful light waves that are generated from their local sun, and, to a lesser extent, their closest stars. Anyway, this condition has led them to become nocturnal, only venturing outside at night, and even then, only for as short a time as necessary. Over many generations, this has left them increasingly susceptible to the very condition that they're trying to solve. Their outer skins become more and more sensitive while their atmosphere becomes less protective.

"Their scientists predict it's only about 10-20 years before they'll have to stay in underground communities year-round. This has had a major impact on their standard of living, economy, social structure, every possible aspect of their society has been effected, and mostly in a negative way, at least by their own measure. They hope that BST will enable them to install a technology that they've recently discovered to prevent the deterioration of their atmosphere."

Sarah: "Why can't they simply deploy this technology now?"

Dr. Neruda: "It's not a regenerative technology, it's a preventative technology. Regenerative technologies are impossible once a system reaches a certain retrograde trajectory. In their scenario, only BST would restore their environment."

Sarah: "Obviously they have space travel technology, why don't they pick out another planet and colonize it?"

Dr. Neruda: "They have tried, but every planet they've found that's suitable for their species is occupied. And they're not interested in being assimilated into an existing culture or society. They want their own identity and social structure. Also, what they deem suitable for habitation is extremely particular. For example, they have the same problem with earth as they have with their own planet--in fact, it's worse here. They have to live in our underground base in order to survive on our planet. It required that we build a special way-station for their spacecraft."

Sarah: "Do they want to interact with our governments and our people?"

Dr. Neruda: "Initially I think they did. And in fact they tried. But they were quickly escorted to the ACIO and we convinced the NSA and all other interested parties that the Corteum had left earth fearful of their lives. So--as far as our operatives within the NSA are concerned, the Corteum are long gone, and fortunately the NSA at the time were quite preoccupied with other ET issues anyway, namely the Greys."

Sarah: "I want to return to the WingMakers for a moment. What do the Corteum think of the WingMakers' site, I assume they've seen everything?"

Dr. Neruda: "Yes, they've been involved from the beginning. The Corteum are as integral to the Labyrinth Group as any of its human members, so nothing is hidden from them. The leader of the Corteum mission to earth is called -- in English -- Mahunahi, and he happens to be an artist first and foremost, and a scientist is his secondary nature. He was always excited to see and hear about our findings. He asked if we could create a way-station to the Ancient Arrow site so he could visit the site himself, but it just wasn't practical to do so without drawing attention to the site."

Sarah: "I have a few oddball questions, so bear with me. First, every time you mention a member of the ACIO, Labyrinth Group, or Corteum, it's always a male reference. Are their any women in any of these organizations? And secondly, why would an artist be the leader of a space mission of the Corteum? That seems very strange to me."

Dr. Neruda: "In answer to your first question, it's true that the Labyrinth Group is mostly male. I'm not aware of this being by design, but rather by accident. One of the directors is a woman, she's in charge of communications, and, as a director has a level fourteen clearance. We also have nine females who are in the twelve or thirteen clearance categories, all of them are extremely bright and capable and share responsibility with their male counterparts without any form of discrimination--at least that I've ever been aware of. We even have one married couple. Each person -- regardless of sex -- is paid the identical sum of money and has all the same privileges--there's no distinction whatsoever within the ranks of the Labyrinth Group, and that's at Fifteen's insistence.

"As for the Corteum, they're all males. Their culture is much more role-defined than our own. And it's not to say that the females are treated as the lesser sex--no, in fact it may be the quite the opposite, it's just that space travel and interaction with other species is left to the male sex until species interaction procedures are brought into play. That's so their children can retain access to their mothers and their families can remain more intact. Most, if not all, of the members of the Corteum contingent are married.

"As for your second question, the Corteum look at science, religion, and art as three equal members of a unified belief system that defines their social order. As I understand it, leadership varies between each of these three elements of their social order, depending on the contact that is made with an alien race. When they first made contact with humans it was decided that the leadership should come from the ranks of the artistic side because they felt we were more of an equal in this domain and thus the leader could more appropriately understand our motivations and desires."

Sarah: "That's interesting. They actually thought we were more artistic than scientific or spiritual. I guess now that I think about it, I can understand that. As a race, we probably are more inclined in that way than the others."

Dr. Neruda: "That was their assessment any way."

Sarah: "I'd like to go back to the artifacts for a minute. The artifacts that are technology based, where are they right now?"

Dr. Neruda: "After the initial discovery of the Ancient Arrow site, all of the physical artifacts that could be removed from the site were carefully packed in shipping crates and shipped to the ACIO research lab in Southern California, and are held by the Labyrinth Group in its own laboratory. That's where they still are, to the best of my knowledge."

Sarah: "And only the homing device found outside the site and the optical disc have been, to some extent, understood?"

Dr. Neruda: "That's correct."

Sarah: "So we really don't know whether BST is possible, do we?"

Dr. Neruda: "We know it's possible, but it's like anything that is extremely complicated and interdependent, one needs a fine-grain understanding of the total environment that encompasses the problem before they can modify or change the environment to solve the problem. And this requires an understanding of LERM that is still evolving within the Labyrinth Group, and I dare say, may yet require years of experimentation before its understanding is sufficient to identify intervention points and time-splice in such a way to minimize undesirable effects."

Sarah: "So we're back to the shadow of God discussion--or LERM as you affectionately call it. Why is the understanding of LERM so fundamental to achieving BST?"

Dr. Neruda: "Because LERM is the equivalent of genetics for consciousness, and consciousness is the equivalent of reality formulation for sentient beings. So if LERM is understood, one understands the causal system that operates in non-time and non-space, which fundamentally constructs the reality framework of space, time, energy, and matter. Quantum objects operating in the construct of LERM have an existence that is entirely different from macro objects like this table or chair.

Quantum objects -- in their true state -- have never been seen by a human. Scientists have witnessed the effects and some of the properties of quantum objects, but their causal nature is not visible through scientific instruments--no matter how powerful they are, because scientific instruments are physical and therefore have a relationship to space and time. Whereas quantum objects have no relationship to time and space other than through an observer."

Sarah: "So you're saying that the building blocks of matter -- these quantum objects -- have no existence unless someone is observing them--that consciousness makes them appear real and fixed in time and space? Is that what you're saying?"

Dr. Neruda: In a way, but not exactly. Let me try and explain it like this. Consciousness stems or originates from non-time and non-space as a form of energy that is a basic building block of LERM. Consciousness becomes localized as it becomes physical. In other words, consciousness becomes human, or animal, or plant or some object that has physical characteristics. Are you with me so far?"

Sarah: "Yes."

Dr. Neruda: "Good. As consciousness becomes a localized physical object, it essentially orchestrates LERM to conform to a reality matrix that has been encoded into the genetic or physical properties of the object it has become. In other words, consciousness moves from non-space and non-time to become matter, and then it orchestrates LERM to produce a physical reality consistent to the encoded genetic properties of the physical object it has become. If that object is a human being, then the genetic triggers that are uniquely human become the tools of consciousness from which it constructs its reality.

"LERM is essentially an infinite field of possibilities, or, as Aristotle referred to it, Potentia. This Potentia is like fertile soil from which physical objects are created. Those who can orchestrate LERM through the application of their consciousness are able to manifest reality and not simply react to it. This manifestation can be instantaneous because again, quantum objects originate in non-time and non-space."

Sarah: "Not to get overly religious here, but what you're really talking about is what Jesus or other prophets have done--essentially manifest things like turning water to wine or curing the sick. Right?"

Dr. Neruda: "Yes. It's the same principle only I've described it instead of performed it. It's much easier to perform than describe."

Sarah: "So now you're going to tell me you can turn water into wine?"

Dr. Neruda: "Actually I've never tried that before, but yes, all of the members of the Labyrinth Group can manifest physical objects from out of LERM. This was actually one of the outcomes of Fifteen's discovery. The process of orchestrating LERM and manifesting physical objects on demand."

Sarah: "Okay, now you've definitely got my interest, but I'm feeling a little guilty because I swore I was going to stay on the subject of the WingMakers and the Ancient Arrow project. So tell me, can you teach me how to manifest things out of thin air?"

Dr. Neruda: "Yes, but it would take some time--probably a few weeks or so."

Sarah: "Can you show me some examples of how you do it?"

Dr. Neruda: "How's this?"

Sarah: "For purposes of those reading these transcripts. Dr. Neruda just made a ball of twine appear out of no where. He just made it disappear as well. Now it has reappeared again. This is incredible. He's not holding it, so it's not like a magician who's making this appear from his sleeve or from behind his hands somehow. It's quite literally appearing and disappearing on a table about three feet in front of him, which is about six feet away from me. I can see it all very clearly.

"I'm picking up the ball of string and it's definitely a physical object--not simply a mirage or--or hologram. It has all the normal properties--weight--texture--it's slightly warm to the touch, but in every other respect, it's exactly how I'd expect a ball of twine to feel.

"Can you make something else appear--something more complicated, like a million dollars in cash?"

Dr. Neruda: "Yes."

Sarah: "Okay, let's see it."

Dr. Neruda: "You see this is the problem with these discoveries and capabilities. If I produced a million dollars in cash right now, you'd have a dilemma. What to do with a million dollars? Could you bear to see me make it disappear as easily as I make it appear?"

Sarah: "Are you crazy? Since the first moment I met you, I've never believed in what you've said until now. And I'm not even saying I totally believe you even now, but I'm a hell of a lot closer. I--no, people in general, need to see things with our eyes. We need to believe in what our eyes tell us because they -- of all the senses -- seem to have a fix on reality. And you've finally shown me something that is tangible--that my eyes relate to. I'm just asking for one more confirmation of your abilities. I mean, a ball of string doesn't seem like such a huge deal--not that I'm not impressed. But if you could produce a million dollars in cash--now that's a huge deal."

Dr. Neruda: "And the dilemma?"

Sarah: "Okay, I have a proposition for you. I'm going to need to quit my job for at least a few months to get this story out to the public and maybe even relocate or move underground somewhat. What if I kept just ten thousand dollars to help me through the next two months? Could that work for you?"

Dr. Neruda: "Yes, I could do that."

Sarah: "I'm now looking at a loose pile of $100 bills that appear to be perfect replicas. I'm touching them--again they feel slightly warm to the touch, but these would definitely pass as the real thing--wow--I can't believe it. But this can't be a million dollars, you only manifested $10,000 didn't you?"

Dr. Neruda: "Yes, give or take a few hundred dollars."

Sarah: "You do realize that you just undermined your own credibility to those who will read this transcript. You just made yourself unbelievable. I'm not even sure I should include this because no one will be believe it anyway, and it may instead hurt your credibility in all the other areas of our discussion. This is truly not a believable experience unless you see it with your own eyes. What should I do?"

Dr. Neruda: "Sarah, whether any one believes me isn't important. No one believes anything anyway unless they experience it, and even then, most people fall back into doubt. Belief is short-lived and always questioned; as it should be. Even the most devote believer is in doubt most of the time, regardless of what they say. So don't worry about whether this impairs my credibility or not. I don't care. It doesn't matter because I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. I'm only trying to get information about the WingMakers to people who can make their own determination of what is true and believable."

Sarah: "Okay--so much for my concern. It'll be the last time I worry about your credibility.

"If you can manifest money like this so easy, why do you need to get paid? I mean who needs money from work?"

Dr. Neruda: "When this technology was discovered, it was only shared within the Labyrinth Group, and it was only used for experiments approved by Fifteen. The same principle would apply to BST or any other technology discovered by the Labyrinth Group that could be used for personal gain or benefit."

Sarah: "Man, you must be a very disciplined group. I don't think I could resist."

Dr. Neruda: The truth is, I'm sure all the members of the Labyrinth Group have, from time-to-time, experimented with this technology in the privacy of their own homes."

Sarah: "Why do you refer to it as a technology? It seems to me that it's a mental thing. You weren't using anything other than your mind were you?"

Dr. Neruda: "It's a technology only from the standpoint of understanding the mental process. There's nothing electronic or mechanical if that's what you mean. But it's more than mind control. It's really a belief in LERM and its unerringly perfect processes of creation -- moving quantum objects from non-space and non-time to the world of matter in our time and space. It's more closely related to faith than technology--as odd as that may sound."

Sarah: "Actually, I was figuring that if Jesus and others who've walked the earth could do these things thousands of years ago, it must not have much to do with technology. But when you see it happen with your own eyes, you have a tendency to think there's some technology behind the scenes that's doing it. That it couldn't just be a natural power of humans--that doesn't seem possible to me for some reason."

Dr. Neruda: "I understand, but nonetheless, it's really a matter of perspective, and once you have the perspective on LERM and it becomes a fundamental construct of your belief system, it becomes amazingly easy to do this. It's a little like a sophisticated optical illusion based on a hologram that takes you several months of concentrating to see the picture that is subtly embedded, but the moment you see it, you can instantly see it the rest of your life without effort. That's how this operates. Some people can pick it up in a matter of a few days, others require hundreds of hours, but what everyone has in common is that once you get it, it becomes as natural as breathing."

Sarah: "And you think you could teach me in a matter of a few weeks, when it took some of your colleagues -- with genius IQs, I might add -- hundreds of hours to learn the technique?"

Dr. Neruda: "It's not related to IQ. It's related to understanding and belief. The understanding comes from seeing the existence of LERM and understanding how it operates at its fundamental level. Whether you have an average intelligence or are a genius, it doesn't matter, so long as you understand and believe what you understand."

Sarah: "So how do you get me to believe in LERM?"

Dr. Neruda: "You already do deep inside you. It's your conscious mind that rejects your deeper belief and understanding. So I would help you to consciously understand what you already know at a deeper level of your being. And I would do this by showing you LERM."

Sarah: "And how would you do that?"

Dr. Neruda: "You would need to come to the Labyrinth Group's research facility in Southern California. It's the only place in the world where I can show you the indisputable evidence of LERM."

Sarah: "Under the circumstances, that doesn't seem like a scenario that will ever happen. There must be another alternative--or said another way, what is it that I'd see at this research center that I couldn't get somewhere else--or through some other means?"

Dr. Neruda: "I'm not saying that the only way to acquire this ability is by seeing LERM in action, but it is very convincing. The Labyrinth Group has a technology -- designed by Fifteen himself -- that quite literally enables an individual to experience LERM. There are also the mystical or shamanic means, but these are far less likely to occur in a two-week period of time. These methods seem independent of circumstance and more dependent on some deeper, predestined or pre-encoded awakening that the individual is not aware of consciously. In some instances this awakening includes an ability to manifest physical objects, but generally, it's done without a conscious knowledge of how it's done. It just works."

Sarah: "Okay, so let's assume I'm not cut out to be a mystic or shaman, what would I see with this technology that would convince me of my abilities to do what you just did?"

Dr. Neruda: "I can't really tell you. It's one of those experiences that words are wholly inadequate to describe or explain. About all I can tell you is that LERM is experienced through this technology, and it essentially, as a result of the experience, re-wires your internal electrical system. In this process, new circuits are cut in your nervous system, and these new circuits enable you to utilize LERM as an outgrowth of your experience of it.

"I doubt this explanation does you any good whatsoever. I've never tried to explain it before, and I can see by the look on your face that I failed miserably."

Sarah: "No, it's not that. I'm just tired of always feeling like I've lived on a different planet all my life. That I've missed out on all of this--it's really distressing to me when I think about it.

"I remember reading a biography about Einstein, and he was quoted saying something like we humans only use about two percent of our intellectual capability. Well, that's about how I feel right now. That I've lived my life at about the two percent level -- if that -- and I'm just beginning to see what he meant. I never had a comparison before now that let me see what the other ninety-eight percent might be like. It's not altogether pleasant to see what's been left out or overlooked--or undervalued."

Dr. Neruda: "I understand."

Sarah: "On to something else. You said earlier that certain technologies like LERM and BST weren't allowed to be used for personal gain by members of the Labyrinth Group. Yet, if BST did exist, wouldn't everyone line up and ask to use it? I know I would. There're a lot of events in my life I'd change if I could. Once the cat's out of the bag, how could BST ever be kept under wraps?"

Dr. Neruda: "Like everything, there are implications and moral and ethical considerations that have to be weighed. One of the things that Fifteen and more generally the Labyrinth Group is good at, is to consider these implications in the broader scope of the social order. Fifteen, from an early age, always felt that the technologies of BST and LERM would only be granted to those organizations that would properly honor the ethical considerations that were required by the technology itself.

"This is one of the fundamental charters of the Labyrinth Group, and all of its members take it very seriously. As a new technology is being developed, there are always members of the team who are concerned with the ethical implications of the technology and are responsible for usage guidelines and deployment rules. This is an integral part of any project's development."

Sarah: "That's good to hear, but couldn't such a charter also be used to prevent the spread of these technologies to a broader audience?"

Dr. Neruda: "Unquestionably. A technology like BST -- once developed and tested -- could, in time, become a consumer technology. But as long as the Labyrinth Group exists, it would protect BST from any and all outside forces. Within the Labyrinth Group there is a committee called the Technology Transfer Program or TTP Committee. This committee has two missions, one, to assess the incoming technologies that are assimilated from ETs, and two, they're responsible for which technologies and in what state of dilution they're transferred to our private industry partners, NSA, or the military.

The TTP Committee is in control of the pure-state technologies that are developed by the Labyrinth Group. These pure-state technologies are virtually never transferred to outside organizations. Even those staff members in the ACIO who are not part of the Labyrinth Group are unaware of these pure-state technologies, and when --"

Sarah: "But if I place these interview transcripts on the Internet or some media publication picks up this story, more than just the ACIO staff members are going to know about this stuff. Isn't this going to screw up the Labyrinth Group's cloak of secrecy?"

Dr. Neruda: "No. The Labyrinth Group is more than a secret organization. For all practical purposes, it doesn't exist. The ACIO doesn't exist. No one will be able to trace the ACIO let alone the Labyrinth Group. Their security technologies are so vastly superior they are completely invulnerable in this regard. Nothing I say, or you publish, will make them more vulnerable. As I said before, their only concern will be the precedent of my defection and how it could create more defections over time."

Sarah: "Why, why would anyone want to leave--I mean I understand your case--you didn't want your memories changed or removed. But they don't commonly do that do they?"

Dr. Neruda: "Not often, but I'm certainly not the first to be targeted to undergo memory implant sessions or other forms of invasive security measures. They're all part of the culture of the Labyrinth Group and the ACIO. Everyone who enters either of those worlds understands what they must subject themselves to. It's very clear why the paranoia must be part of the culture. But over time, certain individuals find it suffocating. And these individuals are the ones who are most at risk to see my defection as a reason for their own.
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Re: Wingmakers Material Validated by Deep Insider *
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Re: Wingmakers Material Validated by Deep Insider *