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Off Grid Texts

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1339701
United States
09/05/2011 07:32 AM
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Off Grid Texts
[link to earthsteader.org]
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 1339701
United States
09/05/2011 07:43 AM
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Re: Off Grid Texts
table of contents:

15ft sailboat plans
50 dollar greenhouse
55 gallon drum cooking and heating stove
A Solar Water Heater Workshop Manual
A Water Wall Solar Design Manual
Abundance Solar Air Heater
Adobe Craft
Alcohol fuel
Alcohol Fuels
Alternative Sources of Energy
Alternative TrickleDown Absorber
Alternator Secrets
Aluminum and Potassium Hydroxide
Aluminum and Potassium Hydroxide 2
Another Kind of Garden by Jean Pain
Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing Recipes
BackYard Composting
bamboo bicycle trailer
bamboo in building construction
Barter and alternative currencies
Bartering Through the Seasons
Basic Principles of Passive Solar Design
Battery repair
beekeeping basics
Beekeeping in Rural Develoment
Begginers Guide to Playing Guitar
Bicycle generator 1
Bicycle generator 2
Bicycle generator 3
Bicycle Resource Guide
Bicycle Trailer 1
Bicycle Trailer Design
Bicycle Trailers 2
Bicycles and Tricycle Design and Construction
Bicycling Science
Big Batch Soap Making
biloxi dinghy
Biogas Plants in Animal Husbandry
Biogas Systems in India
boat building 1
boat building 2
Boat Building Manual
Brake Drum Permanent Magnet Generator for Windmill
Brakedrum windmill plans
Bread Box Solar Hot Water Heater
Bread Box Water Heater Plans
Brewing Compost Tea
Brick Kiln
Build a Solar Heater
Build a Yurt
Build this sturdy large-capacity food dehydrator
Build Your Own Biogas Generator
build your own solar water heater
Building A Bigger Bike Trailer
Building a simple water wheel
Building a Straw Bale House The Red Feather Construction Handbook
Building A Wind Machine
Building a Yurt
Building America Best Practices Series Volume 1
Building America Best Practices Series Volume 2
Building America Best Practices Series Volume 3
Building America Best Practices Series Volume 4
Building America Best Practices Series Volume 5
building earthen roads
Building to Resist the Effect of Wind 2
Building to Resist the Effect of Wind 4
Building to Resist the Effect of Wind 5
building with earth 1
building with earth 2
building with earth 3
Building With Earth A Handbook
Building With Earth Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture
Building Without Borders
Building Your Own Washing Machine
Building Your Own Wind Turbine
Capturing Heat
capturing heat for cooking
Charcoal Making on a Small Scale
Cheap Solar Hot Water
Chest Freezer into a Refrigerator
Chinese Biogas Manometer
chinese biogas manual
CINVA RAM compressed earthen block press
CINVA Ram Patent
Clivus-type composter Freja Denmark
Community Currency Guide
Community Exchange Systems
Comparrison of Improved Stoves
Compost Fertilizer and Biogas Production From Human and Farm Waste in China
Compost Toillets A Guide for Owner Builders
Composting Toilet
Composting toilet Manual
composting toilets
Compressed Earth Block Design and Construction
Compressed Earth Block Manual of Production
Compressed Earth Building Blocks
Construction and Installation of Water Heater Made of Disposable Packaging
Construction of the Zigzag Solar Water Heater
construction using local materials
Cooling by underground earth tubes
Cooling Your Home Naturally
Cooperative Games
Coppicing 1
Coppicing Trees
Design - Solar Heating of Buildings and Domestic Hot Water
Design and Manufacture of Animal Drawn Carts
Design and Optimization of Irrigation Distribution Networks
Design Manual for Water Wheels
Detachment from Attachment
Dice Games
Diesel Engine Details 2
Disposal of Excreta in Rural Areas
DIY Cider Press
DIY solar hot water system
Dry Composting Latrines in Guatemala
Dry It You'll Like It
Dry it you'll like it - food drying
dye plants and dyeing
dyeing with vegetables
Earth for Homes
Earth Roads; Their Construction and Maintenence
Earth Tubes
Earthbag Building
Ecovillage Design Education
Encyclopedia Of Bee Culture
Engine Details 1
Engine Details 2
Ferrocement; A Versitile Construction Material
Fire Places
Fired Clay Stoves
Firewood Crops-Shrub and Tree Species for Energy Production
First steps Toward a Susstainable Society
Foot Power
Forest Farming
Freshwater Fish Farming
Fuel Alcohol Production
fuel alcohol systems
Fuel Wood Use in Small Communities
Gasoline Engine Tune-Up
Gravity Flow Water Systems
Great Biogas Info
Hand Drilled Wells
hand dug wells
Hand Operated Washing Machine
Hand Pumps
Hand Pumps for Developing Countries
Hand Woodworking Tools
Hand-Cart Handbook
Handbook for Building Houses out of Earth
Handbook of Gravity-Flow Water Systems
HandLoom Construction
Handtool Handbook for Woodworking
Hard Disk Drive Magnets For Wind Turbines
Harvesting Rainwater
Healing Touch
heating with wood
Home Build Solar System
Home Grown Sun Dwellings
Home Honey Production
Home-built jumbo-rotors
Homebuilt Solar Collector Instructions
Homebuilt wind-generated electricity handbook
Homemade Honey Extractor
homemade windmills of nebraska
Hoop House
Hoop House Construction
Horizontal Pond Domestic Hot Water Heater
How to Build a Cretan Sail Wind Pump for Low Wind Conditions
How to Build a House of Modern Adobe
How to Build a Pit Latrine
How to Build a Solar Food Dryer
How to Build an Oil Barrel Stove
How to Look After a Refrigerator
How to Make a Folding Machine for Sheet Metal Work
How to Make a Solar Still
how to make a stator
how to make a wood stove
How to make biodiesel fuel
How to Make Soap
how to make stoves more efficient
How to Make Tools
How to Play Folk Guitar
How to Play Old Time Banjo
How to Work Sheet Metal
Hugh Piggott PMG May-October 2002
Human & animal power tools & transmission systems
Human powered machines
humanure handbook
Hydraulic Rams
Hydroelectric Generator
Indian Games
Intentional Communties Manual
Intro to Soap Making
Journal of the New Alchemists-4
Journal of the New Alchemists-5
Kreamer Solar Air Collector
Land For The People
Liberty & Prosperity
Lifting heavy objects
lime making for cement
Local and Community Currencies
Lorena Stoves
low cost efficient wood stoves
low cost housing
low cost sanitary composting toilets
Low Tech Solar Air Collector
Low-Cost Passive Solar Greenhouses

making adobe bricks
Making Building Blocks with the CINVA Ram Block Press
Making Homemade Soaps and Candles
Making magnet rotors
Making Rope Sandals
Making Simple Knives
Making Soap and Candles
Making the Adobe Brick
Making Your Own Interior Storm Windows
Manual For Building the Rammed Earth Wall
Manual for Rural Water Supply
Manual on Rainwater Harvesting
Manual on the Production of Raton Furniture
Manufacture of Low Cost Vehicles in Developing Countries
Masonry Heater
Masonry Heaters
Materials for the Production of Clay Bricks
Methane Digester
Methane Power Plants
Miracles and Healing
Modified Trickle Down Solar Heating
Monolithic Mud Stoves
More Cooperative Games
More Water for Arid Lands
Mud Brick Roofs
Native American Games
natural nutrition guide
natural plant dyeing
Natural Sewage Recycling Systems
Natural Swimming Pool
New Alchemy Compost
New Hymalayan Water Wheels
Oil drum stove for cooking and water-heating
Open end spinning
Organic Farming Business Sourcing Guide
Organic Food and Farming - Myth and Reality
Outdoor Games
Pelton Turbine Installation Manual
Permaculture 2 Practical design for towns
Piston Water Pump
Plans For A Complete Beekeeping System
pond sealing method 1
Powering Your Home With Solar Energy - 2008
Practical Blacksmithing
Preservation of Foods
Preservation of Fruit and Vegetables
Preserving Food by Drying
Propagating and Planting Trees
Radiant Floor Heating
Rain Water Catchment Tank
Rain Water Catchment Tank Project
rainwater harvesting
Rainwater Harvesting for Domestic Use
rammed earth
Raw Foods Bible
Reciprocating Steam Engine
Reforstation in Arid Lands
road building
roof construction techniques with various materials
Ropes - knots - ladders - lashings and anchorages
Rower Pump
Runnuing a Biogas Program; Handbook
rural building vol 2
rural building vol 3
rural building vol 4
Savonius Rotor Design For a Vertical windmill - oil drum Design
Saw Dust Burning Space Heater Stove
Sea Water for Vegetables
Seed Saving
Seed Saving 2
Selecting Water Pumping Windmills
Self Liberation From Fear - Worry - Anger
Self-Help Wells
Sharpening Hand Woodworking Tools
simple biogas digester
Simple Bridge Structures
Simple Solar Homesteading
Simple Wood wind generator
Simple working models of historic machines
Simplified Wind Power Systems for Experimenters
Slow Sand Filtration for Community Water Supply
Small Earth Dams
small engine repair
Small Scale Beekeeping
Small Scale Brick Making
Small Scale Mining A Guide To Appropriate Equipment
Small Scale Paper Making
small scale renewable energy applications
small scale soapmaking
Small-Scale Lime Burning
Small-Scale Production-of Cementitious Materials
Soil Block Presses
Soil Cement It's Use in Building
Solar Agricultural Dryers
Solar Batch Water Heater
Solar Car
Solar Cooking
Solar Design Guide-n
Solar Distillation for Small-Scale Water Demands
Solar Distillation Installation
Solar Drying
Solar Dwelling Design Concepts
Solar Electric Panel Manual
Solar Food Dryer
Solar food drying
Solar Heated Home Using an Attached Greenhouse
Solar Heater for 350 dollars
Solar Oven
Solar tunnel food dryer
solar water heater workshop manual
Solar Water Heaters in Nepal
solar water heating system designs
Solar Water Pumping, A Handbook
Stanley Meyer Resonant Electrolysis Cell
stone masonry
Straw Bale Shear Wall
Sun Dry Your Fruits and Vegetables
Sunflower_seed_huller_and _oil_press
Super Efficient Fridge Conversion
Survey of Solar Powered Water Pumps, Solar cookers for Sub-Sahara Africa
Suspension Bridges
thatching handbook
The 50 dollar and Up Underground House Book
The Bicycle Builders Bible
The Biogas - Biofertilizer Handbook
The Biogas Handbook
The Book of the Nem Alchemists
The Breakdown of Nations
the complete book of self sufficiency
The Economics of Community Currencies
the encyclopedia of free energy
The Golden Insect; A Handbook for Beginner Beekeepers
The Haybox
The Heat Generator
The Homeowner's Guide to Natural Heating and Cooling
The Integral Passive Solar Water Heater Book
The Land Question PDF
The Making of Tools
The Miracle of Fasting
The Owner-Builders Guide to Stone Masonry
The Preparation and Use of Compost
The Rotating Solar Boiler
The Self Reliant Potter; Refactories and Kilns
The Texas Manual on Rainwater Harvesting
The Thatchers Craft
The Timber Framing Book
The Use Of Bamboo and Reeds in Construction
The Yurt
Thermal Storage Wall Design Manual
Timber Drying Manual
timber framing
Toilets That Make Compost
TR Solar - 1000 dollar hot water system in Tumbler Ridge Canada
Tracking Solar Cooker
Traditional Cheese Making
Transitioning to Organic Production
Tree-felling safety
Trees as an Indicator of Wind Potential
Understanding and Creating Alternatives to legal tender
Understanding Money
Urban Agriculture
Useful Wild Plants
Vegetable Dyeing - 151 Colors for Dying Yarns Naturally
Water Pumping Devices a Handbook
Water Purification
Water Purification 2
Water Re-Use, Residential
Water Tanks Made of Ferrocement
Water Well Manual
Waterpumping Windmill Book
Welding Craft Practices
well construction 1
well construction 2
Wells Construction
Wild Edible Plants in the Midwest
Wild Edible Plants in the Midwest 2
Wind power for farms - homes and small industry
Wind Power for Farms and Homes
Wind Pumping Handbook
Wind Resistant Block Houses
Wind Turbine
Window Box Solar Collector Design
Wood Conserving Stoves
wood fired water heater
Wood Gas Generators
Wood Harvesting with Hand Tools-Illustrated Manual
Wood Stove and Wood Types Info
wood-fired hot water heater
Wooden Bridges - A prefad Modular System
worm composting
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 1339701
United States
09/05/2011 08:03 AM
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Re: Off Grid Texts
Solar Book

[link to earthsteader.org]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1534269
Puerto Rico
09/05/2011 12:10 PM
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Re: Off Grid Texts
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 1339701
United States
09/06/2011 07:36 AM
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Re: Off Grid Texts
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1534269


User ID: 1383040
United States
09/06/2011 09:04 AM
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Re: Off Grid Texts
Awesome THANKS!!!!
I love physics. It bonds us eternally, it's what makes our computers work, it's what's in my morning cup of coffee, it's the thing that keeps the universe from vanishing due to lack of belief...
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1538184
United States
09/06/2011 09:48 PM
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Re: Off Grid Texts
How can you download these and save them in a folder?