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Message Subject TWO WITNESSES--What do They Witness About?
Poster Handle HilosPP
Post Content
The torturers are just as bad as those they are claiming to be evil/sinners, no matter who they are!
 Quoting: Lotus Flower

God has tortured me into repentance. Once for five years.

And the other was simply a broken leg.


And along those lines I can remember a doctrine of Christ from one church I have attended.

"If they will not repent, they must suffer, even as I"


If you look at it another way people who engage in sin can get other people killed and tortured, especially Christians, or other good people.

Case in point. The cartels down in Mexico. I guarantee you most of those people who work for the cartels got to that depraved state of mind through sin. God has every right to torture those people into repentance. The next step after that fails is to deprive them of their right to live and send them to hell.

If you had a choice between torture into repentance or hell which would you choose?

Torture is much more merciful than hell.
 Quoting: Previously Devoured Soul

They didn't like who Immanual hung out with either, Tax Collectors, fisherman and assorted company that drinks and did things that Rome and the Church of the time said were Illegal. Do you think Mexico would be in trouble if weed was legal on a Global Level?
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