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Message Subject TWO WITNESSES--What do They Witness About?
Poster Handle YOUR BROTHER?
Post Content
Hi OP ! I been thiking about what Daniel heard and did not wroted it I think it have to do with the original WATCHMENS THE ANGELS that currected mankind that made the gaints powerfull, God prisoned them in groups 4 by the river Euph,1 coming out the buttom pit apollo and more. I think the times of noah and sodom and gom could be compare in that there where a disclosure elien gods by the WATCHMENS ANGELS CONSPIRED AGAINST MENKIND and ruling true the gaints and witchcraft and technology. So meybe that is what is happening the returns and relist of 4 angels baw in the gulf persi by the river Euphe and the others.even others demons angels been working with goverments waiting the relist of the watchmens angel to start distroing the 1/3 of menkind.
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