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Message Subject TWO WITNESSES--What do They Witness About?
Poster Handle Le Palma
Post Content
like a tunnel that leads on
into a tunnel of it's own

that leads into a cavern,where
the sun has never shown

like a circle ,in a circle,
like a wheel within a wheel

like a gyroscope revolving;
on a never ending reel.

like a runner who runs on,
in a never ending race.

like a clock who's hands revolve
around the moments of it's face.

for the world is just an
apple, spinning, silently,
in space.

keys that jingle
in your pocket,
words that jangle
in your head.

why did summer




was it something that i said?

portraits hang in a hall, ...or the
fragments of a song.
half remembered names and faces,

but to whom do they belong?

and when you knew,
that it was over.

were you suddenly aware?
that the sacred night -
had turned into-

the color

of la palmas' hair.

- theme from the thomas crown affair- loosely adapted for your pleasure

oh bright and shining star!
 Quoting: david 1404180

This is beautiful writing David, Thank you
I will have to go re watch this movie now.

Where did Summer go, and when Can we glory
in the light of her sun kissed star light again?
For now, the moon is the only light I know
it raptures the the cold winter fog
with its luminescent glow.
Walking me through the doors long
closed, you have laid sweetly
at my feet the petals of a rose.
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