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Message Subject TWO WITNESSES--What do They Witness About?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No offense KT, I enjoy your writings, and they are
VERY informative, but your Smiles remind
me of a Idol Catholic Shrine...now think
about the word Idol, for a car to 'Idol',
it just sits there, sure it has its motor
running, the gas is flowing within the car,
but the CAR ISN't going ANywhere! It has
No Force, because it is IDOL~~~~~~~~And
eventually, if the car 'IDOLs' for over
an hour, more than likely it will just
eventually run out of gas, and DIE.

I believe somewhere it is said, to Saul
when he called a spirit from the Dead~~~
Do Not call up the Dead forsaking the LIving.
 Quoting: Le Palma

No offense taken. Idols clearly inserted for fun because I AM bored.

Who is calling up the dead forsaking the LIving? I AM living rite here and now conversing with the holographic you who speaks in allegories with mainly cut and paste jobs with videos throw in. I enjoy your posts VERY much as well hf
 Quoting: KnightsTemplar.TV

The only thing I cut and paste is when
the topic can not be put into better words
than what is already stated, EVERYThINg
I write is Written by me, and yes I do
speake in Parallels and allegories
for teaching purposes which directs the mind
I mean I don't understand you-----on
the He's here thread, you claimed that
you had been accepted into Ordo Draconis,
and everybody congratulated you....then
it was no more than 2 months later, you
are cursing the Order and everything they
stand for....which leads me to believe
that you are confused.
 Quoting: Le Palma

I KNOW exactly why I AM here and what I AM to do. But yes, I AM a bit confused on ONE thing and that is who my true brothers on low are for I AM looking for some fraternal guidance is all. There is no confusion to who I AM and where I come from or my work to do in this life on the great plan for I KNOW my purpose and why I AM here.

In order to get into the Ordo Draconis, a DNA test was required. I did the test and found out that the Ordo Draconis and their members are NOT true dragons or Gnostics but a faux organization that is a disgrace to my true heritage and my ancestors. The true dragons who come from Atlantis, Egypt, Israel, Ireland, Scotland, England, Britain, France, Canada and all over the world for we are the Levites and Druids ordained in this age to carry out the priestly duties and JUDGING. The only tribe meant to be free and not to be counted or measured.

I am related to Moses, Abraham, Pythagoras, Constantine, Bede, Hitler, Napoleon and the list can go on and on. That of the Templars. It is MY blood line and DNA that you are all speaking of when people such as Mikey make photo shop collages.

Let me ask you this Le Palma, "Can you speak or debate normally without all the BS allegories and videos in an intelligent matter for anyone to understand by expressing yourself in your own English words?" If you can (I AM not sure), let's have a debate about what this thread is about and what this 6th age of world is about in clear and concise words where everyone can understand. That way we can all see who knows WTF they are talking about and who doesn't know WTF they are talking about or who is ThINKling ON MORE THAN JUST ONE LEVEl.

Care to have a human conversation and or debate on the two witnesses or the ONE Le Palma?
 Quoting: KnightsTemplar.TV

and a propeht of god would use such language right. maybe the god of this worlds prophet.. not GOD ALMIGHTY
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