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Message Subject TWO WITNESSES--What do They Witness About?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
By the way Le Palma, why do you claim the Latin motto, NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT for the Order of the Thistle?

Are you a member? That was one of the ONLY reasons I bothered even posting on any of your threads for I thought you may have been kin. If not, my bad and I will happily move on to more brotherly productive activities.
 Quoting: KnightsTemplar.TV

That branch of Ordo Draconis do claim to be
descended from the Egyptian Kings, the
High Kings of Ireland, and the Kings
of Wales, so how can you say that they
are Illegitimate?
The Duchy of Drakenburg
also associated with the Asian lineage
Royal Ashina Dynasty---The Dragon Family
of Asia.

My Ancestors claimed
to The Most Ancient and Noble
Order of the Thistle
Before its (theft) re-institution
by King James II of England and its
current Order under the Present British
Monarchy, where there is much
discrepancy as to whether that
Particular branch of 'Windsor' even
has a claim to the Throne
descendants of the Germanic House
of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, (which by the way
That DNA is written all over their
faces, their skin Palor, and affinity
for certain disease that only affects
that bloodline because of its
The true Heirs of the Throne of England
and thus the Davidic Kingdom most
agree are descended from the
House of Stuart, from King
Robert II of Scotland, Who
was descended from King David I
King of Scots, named after his
ancestor King David of Israel.

Before that, My ancestors
claimed the Secret Society of Tamar,
of which few only know of its
existence, it is named
after the first born child
of Mary and
Yeshua, Sara-Tamar, and
its origins can be traced back
2,000 years. The Knights Templar
and the Prieuré de Sion were connected
with the Tamars, they had their own
language of communication, their
own currency in Gold, and Are
suspected of Retaining the Secrets
of the Ark,of which the key
is contained
within the Bloodline
and the

Following into the times of the
Magna Carta in 1215, which
still remains on the statute
books of England and Wales,

at least 6 of my direct Ancestors
on the Maternal side have
written upon it their Signature
as Surety.....
Following that, into the late
1600's, several branches of my family
were forced (or tricked)
to emigrate to the
United States because of Religious
persecution, and confiscation of
Assets by the Crown and the Church,
STill in their possession or the
possession of the Crown's Lords today.


I'm not really sure KT what it is that
you would like to debate in plain English.

WE are all connected in some way or another,
and what goes around comes back around
as according to the consistent and True
law of the Universe--reciprocity.

See the truth about America is that
the founders Hand was Forced, and
their associates Tricked to form
the United States of America, it
has always, and will always retain
its Allegiance to the British Crown
whether people want to admit that
or it or not. All of our Wars
have been engineered to Retain
and Grow their Power. We are their
Warhorse, and the Whip Remains
even but for a short time,
in their hands.
Sure, whatever
you wanna debate, I'll try to
only speake in simple terms.

 Quoting: Le Palma

Three overturns

But couldn’t the throne have been transferred elsewhere for a long time before being transferred to the British Isles? The indirect answer from prophecy seems to be no.

In Ezekiel 21:26-27

, God declared that Zedekiah was to "remove the diadem and take off the crown: This shall not be the same [a change or transfer was occurring]; exalt him that is low [the Zarhite ruler in Israel] and abase him that is high [Zedekiah of the line of Perez]. I will overturn, overturn, overturn it [the crown, that is, the throne]; and it shall be no more [overturned] until HE come whose right it is; and I will give it HIM [Christ]" (KJV).

Notice that the final "overturned" was added in brackets for the sake of clarity. Some see this verse as a prophecy of the overthrow of the crown—that it would "be no more" (meaning no longer exist) until Christ came to claim it. Yet this cannot be the meaning of this prophecy or God would be breaking His unbreakable promise to David of an unbreakable dynasty. So the overturning must refer to removing the throne from one nation and raising it up in another. And the mentioning of overturn three times would certainly seem to be saying that such overturning would occur three times—that three times the throne would be transferred to another nation and that it wouldn’t be transferred again until Jesus Christ’s coming in power and glory to take it over.

When was the last time another country’s monarchy was transplanted into the throne’s present location in England? The answer is 1603, when King James VI of Scotland became King James I of Great Britain (the one who commissioned the King James Bible). This is obviously the last overturn to have taken place. Because of it, today’s British monarchs are of Scottish royal descent.

Prior to that, was another country’s throne ever transplanted into Scotland? Yes. The throne of the Scoti (as the Irish were anciently called) was moved from Ireland into southwest Scotland in the late fifth century—their kingdom of Dalriada in that area, centered at Iona (a name perhaps related to Ionia of Greece), eventually growing to envelop what is now Scotland. This was clearly the previous overturn—which is why Scotland’s monarchy, which became Britain’s monarchy, was actually Irish.

Now since these were the last two overturns of three, there can only have been one other—the first. And that first overturn had to have been the transfer of the throne from Judah. Thus it should be clear that this transfer must have been from Judah to Ireland. Had the throne been transferred from Judah to some other country before later being reestablished in Ireland, that would add a fourth overturn—when Scripture appears to allow for only three. By simple deduction, the three overturns must have been: 1) Judah to Ireland; 2) Ireland to Scotland; 3) Scotland to England.

It should be mentioned, though, that in the first overturn it is possible that the daughter of Zedekiah married into the Milesian Zerah line in Spain or elsewhere around the time it was in the process of assuming control over Ireland. This would not be adding another overturn from Spain to Ireland, as it would all be part of the same overturn. Whether or not this happened, however, is dependent on exactly when the Milesians from Spain took over Ireland, which is not entirely clear. They may have already become established in Ireland before Jeremiah’s journey—though perhaps still maintaining control over part of Spain when he arrived. Again, however, it is possible that Zedekiah’s daughter and Jeremiah actually accompanied the Milesians in their invasion of Ireland from Spain.
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