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Message Subject TWO WITNESSES--What do They Witness About?
Poster Handle KnightsTemplar.TV
Post Content
A Day of Reckoning Le Palma?
 Quoting: HilosPP

Well,Hilos I don't really understand
what KT is so upset at me about.
The only thing I can guess is
that he is mad because I told
him not to post the same
pictures of idols that we have
seen a million times on forum
over and over again on this thread.

He claims to be fighting for
some wannabe brotherhood, and
from the symbols he posts
and and the pictures, it appears
to me that he is associated
(or wants to be associated
with) some illuminati group
that is associated with the
CAtholic Church,posting
Knight of the Garter
and other military honor
Orders as if they are his own
which could be termed as
Treason against the Order
according to their laws
just so you know.

And also I read on the
Sedona Arizona Thread
that he might actually
be Mark Pinkham, or associated
with Mark, or Charles who is
also associated with Mark. Who
knows, I know people reading
don't know who these people
are, but I know exactly who
they are and what they are
about, and I know all about
the little war that has erupted
over all this within the
Orders and their subjugates
They are all trying
to Get a piece of the PIE.

 Quoting: Le Palma

I do not want a piece of the PIE. I just want what the truth to be known and my Saintly ancestors to be properly honored and our rites restored. This is ritefully mine and legally through the New Testament (New Law) and Anglo Saxon Contracts (property contracts) and not a dream based on fairy tales or DNA dream land.

Please, NO I AM not Mark Pinkham and have placed my identity and various videos on this forum to prove this point. In addition, many of my views are different and may go against what Sir Mark Amaru teaches or knows but being the great grand preceptor he is, he does NOT make me follow his path or views. This is why I joined the Gnostic Templars for Sir Mark is a true Gnostic brother who works harder than just about any other so-called brother on low in educating humanity and exposing truths.

The Saint's Army is a wanna be brotherhood?

That is news for me Le Palma. That is who I AM associated with and they have sent me here to set some things straight with all of you and your orders. I AM not worried about treason for I AM a founding member of the Bedesmen which most all of these same said orders spawn from.

Do you believe in reincarnation Le Palma?
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