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Message Subject TWO WITNESSES--What do They Witness About?
Poster Handle david
Post Content


when the white eagle of the north
is flying overhead

and the browns, reds, and golds , of autumn.
lie in the gutter.......dead

remember then the gulls of summer,
carried on wings of fire

come to witness spring's new hope,
born of leaves decayed.

as new life-

will spring from death-

love arrives-

at her leisure.

love of love
love of life
love of living, and giving....

without measure-

gives in return the wondrous yearning, for truth, almost seen.


and forever we'll stand

on the threshold.... of a dream....

- a poem that serves as an intro to the song "have you heard" by the moody blues-

i submit this to you
my courageous little one
in the fondest hope
that it may inspire you as it has me
 Quoting: Le Palma

 Quoting: Le Palma

thank you ac, i had committed that to memory long ago, looks like i remembered most of it correctly. loved the poe also. like many neophytes, i eagerly followed e.a. poe through poignant realms of poetry, melancholy and macabre. when i was a toddler, my grandfather would recite " el dorado", as we gathered eggs or threw hay to the cattle on his farm.

gailly bedight
an errant knight,
in sunshine or in shadow

had journeyed long, singing a song of distant el dorado.

but he grew old,
this knight so bold
and o'er his heart a shadow

fell, as he found, no piece of ground , that looked like el dorado.

and when his strength,
failed him
at length

he met a pilgrim shadow.

shade, said he, where could it be, this land called el dorado?

o'er the mountains of the moon
down the valley of the shadow

ye must ride
ye must boldly ride

the shade replied

if ye would search for el derado

thank you poe,
thank you grandpa,
thank you ac

most of all thank you fair lady le palma, for your forbearance as i indulged my self in a ramble
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