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Message Subject TWO WITNESSES--What do They Witness About?
Poster Handle Le Palma
Post Content
Just Wondering....has Apollo Illuminaughty's
"Black Water Dragon" Rise of the Beast from
the Abyss in 2012 Thread Disappeared?
I can't find it anywhere..
last thing I remember being talked about
is Apollo thinks that Genes from Animals
should be spliced into Human DNA to
create a Super Man type human Boy God
and I said Why would we want to That,
when that is the reason the Nephillim
were Extinguished because their
Genes had become corrupted by Genetic
Manipulation...and then Uncle Mikey
posted his research, and its all gone,
I can't find it.

Oh well, here are some quotes I found
of Apollo's giving a glimpse into
his interpretation of Creation.....

Yes, thats the truth, Men came from Heaven.
.. women crawled out from the sea.


Now if women wash themselves well. You only have HALF the comparison to the fish !

Christian symbol of Ichthus is the vulva also if turned and you can see the curve of the thighs.

Thread: NO MORE LESBOS ! Lesbos, do the RIGHT THING, Get your Sex Re-assignment surgery and Testosterone.
this is shocking....
you would rather see a Woman become Engineered
as a Man rather than a lesbian woman
who may be that way because of Chemicals
in our environment that is Feminizing the Men
and making the women more Masculine.
...I think
a better Answer would be to Stop putting
chemicals into the environment that
In turn cause a change to the natural
biological process of the Human body.

Well, science has come thru, Instead of condemning people all the time using the Bible, it proves a solution at least.

I dont agree at all with homosexuality, But this I can agree to if ones feel wrong in their skin.

You agree with turning a woman into a Man
but you don't agree with a woman who
may be more attracted to Women because
its her choice. If you want to get Biblical,
YHVH said he had a problem with
"SODOMY".....because it spreads
And whats freaky is that after Chers son, I looked it up on youtube and so many videos came up. Which means so many people are out there and they are sex changed and one wouldnt know ! This is MUCH more common then people think,

I wonder how accurate the private parts are, but, havent been that bold to look that up yet.

Bravo to science though, Science comes thru for such disadvantaged ones. Dang, still in disbelief , we could be working besides these guys on the roof. and have no idea they used to be women.

I have to puke now. Your branch are ALL ThE SAME!!!!!
YOu want to take whatever you can get
your hands on and turn it into your own creation--
directly opposed to Creation Itself!


Lucifer is here! Ask me Anything.

Im here to psycho analyze how people still respond to that name. Any answers I give can be disinformation and any answers I give can be truth. Its up to you to figure.

Plus Im just passing time waiting for them to shoot golf balls, human hair and mud down that oil gusher to clog it up while I eat my brownie during my lunch break.

If this post gets zero replies, Ill document that too. LOL..

PS, the prophecy and details on my return incarnate is in the Hendaye Cross and Washington Monument.

If you burn your toast and see a face on it, It wont be Jesus or Mother Marys face but mine.


APOLLO also Known as YOUNG LUCifer Incarnate, LOL
I call myself Lucifer Cause I am Prometheus, and Im shiny as Hell, LOL Its to also use Odd Eccentricity to distract people to what IM REALLY UP TO..
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