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Message Subject TWO WITNESSES--What do They Witness About?
Poster Handle Le Palma
Post Content
Think not that I come in peace, and to
bring peace, but I come with the double
edged sword of my word.

I come to tear up and break into pieces
the alters and the high places of
those self appointed
elects, and Priests--
I come to bring to you a war
so destructible in nature
that even the heavens tremble
at the approaching of my footsteps,
the sky quakes when I proclaim
the word of MY father in
Amplitude and the
Four winds sigh in agreement
bringing devastation with
the Stroke of every blow.
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YOu have seeded and planted,
and tended gardens which
you did not even plant---
and in the course
of time you have increased
your precious stores
of vines and produce...
Your roots into the Earth deep
and to such an immensity
have grown, entangling all the
other Plants in the field....
Their fruit you have not shared,
instead you hoarded from your flocks
so that the Shepherds may
increase in their fatness.
And when the drought came
to plague Your Followers, Shepherds
you did not lend one ounce of
energy to bring healing to them,
neither did you lift yourselves
from your sloth and gluttony
to open your stores unto them
Who Are in NEEd.

The queen of the south shall rise
up in the judgment
with the men of this
generation, and condemn them:
For she came from the
utmost parts of the earth
to hear the wisdom of Solomon;
And behold, a greater one
than Solomon is here.

(Luke 11:31)

As Hezekiah, king of Judah removed the High
Places, broke the images of idols made
to enslave mankind in a lower degree, and
cast down the brazen serpent called
which the Men of Israel did
burn incense to, so as it is written,
because you did not follow the
ordinances given unto you in the
covenant we made together in the beginning,
the same shall be done to You and your
Flock Faithless shepherds.
I come to Uproot, to tear down,
to raise up, to cast down, to
break into pieces and to re- establish.

It is every Man and Woman's choice
to take ownership and responsibility
of their Soul Selves or to remain
Under the subjugation of chosen elect~~
but only for a short while longer.
While the Father abandoned
his Own on Earth in the Ninth Hour
Behold, I look to my left and He
is here shining like noon day
light, I look to my right, and
behold He stands sword in hand
as old comrads abiding
by my side.
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