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Message Subject TWO WITNESSES--What do They Witness About?
Poster Handle Le Palma
Post Content
They are the First and the Last Born~~~unified
of One mind---
Souls never die, they only change form
Past self--written in blood with present
self unified in the blood performing
consciousness of mind projections
Affirming What
has been proclaimed Before
and Confirming it by Proclaimation~~~

They don't sing 'there is power
in the blood' for nothing...
and that One who says 'Prayer doesn't
change anything' is So dead Wrong
it literally hurts my heart to
hear someone say that....the
power of Prayer is Affirmations----
and Confirmation to the Universe
Of Your Being~~~~if one doesn't
pray, how will the Universe know
Your existence matters
It Wont---see Universe Makes
Itself KNown to Us,
we have to make ourselves known to
When Universe then gives one
acknowledgement and feedback
in return, it is much greater
than any acknowledgement
that society could conceive
of giving~~~~so really
the difference between humans
is not race, or color, or
status, wealth, or religion~~~~~
People are cut and measured
based on whether they seek
and remain of the World, or whether they
seek find the Universe.
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