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Message Subject TWO WITNESSES--What do They Witness About?
Poster Handle Le Palma
Post Content
We all have a lot of ideas about who the
two witnesses are and what they
might witness about...What if the
TWO Encompass all of the things
that have been mentioned?
Two Circles of Life coming
together from different time
and space meeting at the CROSSing
point,TET EaRTH 9 forming an AGREEMENT,
in ONE cordia.
When Two circles come together
it forms a pyramid...the word
"PYRA" means 'Fire' + 'PILLAR'...
When the Two come together in
Agreement, their Energy becomes
A Pillar of Fire:dnaiii:
Moved by Word and Voice
Reaching to the HeAVEns
 Quoting: Le Palma

That is kind of cool so you are saying they are the ark of the new covenant?
 Quoting: Jesse 9006464

Maybe they are....an ARC is a circle, an
ARC forms a HALO in the sky at 120 degrees
perihelion by reflections off of
HEXAGONAL ice crystals.
(DNA,Hexagonal storm on Saturn)
:Dna hexagon:
Also a Bow ARc is formed
in the sky as a Rain Bow
by reflections
of water droplets---

Noahwhose family was
rescued from destruction in
a Boat (Argonaut) Was given
as a sign the Rainbow Arc
as covenant between God, Noah,
and his people that never again would
all of life on earth be annihilated
by Flood, and that if the crossing
was ever reached again,
that God would Perpetuate and Sustain
Human life in the Blood of a

...the Word ARK also
Means "A CONTAINER", where within
the blood is also anRNA Protein
called ARC
,a nameof
an immediate early gene,
also called Arg3.1
Arg 3.1 is one of the oldest genes
which plays the role in
learning and memory-related
ark parking
(I know I throw a lot out here, but
all of this connects together
and I really don't know of
another way To Show you how it connects
with out writing it out)
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
Arg3.1 Arc Protein
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
 Quoting: Le Palma
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