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Message Subject TWO WITNESSES--What do They Witness About?
Poster Handle Le Palma
Post Content
Thread: SAINT LOUIS ~ syncroni ~ €it¥ , Missouri (Page 10)
Hi Alesiah:)
I found this today
about the area from the GreatLakes
to the Mississippi Delta:

The name “Zara-hemla” was given
to a small Mormon settlement across
the Mississippi River from Nauvoo.
In August 1841 a conference was held
there during which John Smith was sustained
as president of the stake in Iowa,
with David Pettigrew
(name reminds me of the traitor in
Harry Potter Peter Pettigrew).
The LDS church say that the word Zara-hemla
is from a hebrew word meaning
"Seed of Compassion".
(Zarah brother of Pharez, son of Judah).

In the book 'Ancient American and the Book of
Mormon' it was suggested that the word also
Meant 'land over-flowing', 'abundance',
'bountiful'....Strong's concordance suggests
that the word also means 'rain-storm', 'rushing',
'roaring sound', 'sound of A great storm',
and 'Tumult'.

"According to the Book of Mormon
narrative, the Nephite Mosiah and
his followers “discovered that the
people of Zarahemla came out from
Jerusalem at the time that Zedekiah
King of Judah,
was carried
away captive into Babylon” (about 587 B.C.)"
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

According also to the Annuals of the High
Kings of Ireland, it was said that after
the Babylonian invasion, Tamar Tephi, first
born daughter of King Zedekiah, along
with the scribe Baruch, and Jeremiah
the Prophet, Her Retinue, and a Sister
by the name of Scota or Scotti made
a voyage first to Egypt, then North
to GibralTAR, Spain, and then Ireland.

IS it possible that the Princesses
of Judah and Israel also
made a passage here
to America around the year 582BC?

According to some scholars they Did!

There are many records
of Artifacts that have been found
with Hebrew text inscribed, also
the Native Americans that lived
on the East Coasts, for example
"The Red Paint People", and the
Cherokee Indians have in their
customs Many of the Same Customs
as the Hebrews....for example
their villages were modeled
after the Same Specifications
given to Moses for the Mishkan,
the Tabernacle for the Holy presence
which was in the center of the
dwelling, surrounded by the
tents of the members of the Twelve
 Quoting: Le Palma
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