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Message Subject TWO WITNESSES--What do They Witness About?
Poster Handle Le Palma
Post Content
[link to www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org]

ARK of the Covenant
Just making conjecture here....If the daughters
of King Zedekiah did have the Ark and other
relics in tow with them when they left
Jerusalem, (as is the theory), then isn't it more
likely in order to keep the Ark Hidden
that they would Not have kept it with them?

The Ark's footsteps in history pretty much
end during the transit of Tamar Tephi.

Of Course they knew about the land of America!!!
It was written in their Chronicles that
at one time, the Continents Split....When
the Continents were Whole, there was a booming
civilization on this 'Western' side of the Atlantic
just as much as on the Eastern side. They
contained the capability to cross Oceans.

Where I'm going with this Is, It may be possible
that during the journey of Tamar Tephi and SCota,
they not only journeyed to Scotland and Ireland,
but also to America, and Placed the Ark
here in a place only they knew of, that
was specified as a sacred place in their
Chronicles, and then left clues
just as the Order of the Golden Circle
does for their hidden treasures
in order that their ancestors
would find it!

The reason why there are so
many traces of Egyptian, and Hebrew SCripts
found from the East Coast of America,
to the Area surrounding the Great Lakes,
and then down the Mississippi River.

Then we have to remember that in history,
after the passage of the Hebrews to
Ireland and Scotland, the whole of
Civilization suffered a Great Tragedy.
The Great Plagues killed Millions of people,
Then the Little Ice Age, Killed more. People
were doing the best they could in the
Northern Hemisphere just to Eat and survive.
They were not concerned with sailing
and relics during these times. After the
Great Death, and Warming of the
Climate, civilization revived again, And the
English Speaking world (who had knowledge
of what occurred a thousand years prior)
were then able to Focus on finding the
Placement of the Ark.

Where was the first
Place they started looking?

Under the Command of the British Crown,
the Spanish Crown sent Emissaries and SHips West
to Explore America, as if they already
knew that there was SOMETHING HERE
That Needed Finding!!!
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