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An Urgent and Crucial Time

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United States
09/27/2005 03:45 PM
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An Urgent and Crucial Time
An Urgent and Crucial Time

Ron McGatlin

There possibly has never been a more crucial season. The people who are called by the name of God are carrying the ultimate potential for the blessing or the devastation of nations and multitudes. The church is pregnant with a colossal worldwide awakening. The birthing time is upon us. The enormous transition will be made or it will be missed. At least as far as this season in history is concerned. The magnitude of the potentially earth changing awakening cannot be overstated.

The warnings are screaming forth that the transition must be made now. Trumpets are blowing, the earth is shouting and groaning, the nations are trembling and God is speaking.

The seriousness and potential of the season demands humble boldness. Humble people of God must rise up and boldly lift the standard of the Holy One. Leaders, it is not time to continue on as we have been. We must be boldly honest and move with uncompromising resolve into the reality of the work of the Spirit dissolving weak religious ways and bringing forth the powerful works of God.

In the wilderness the spirit of John the Baptist cries out. From the caves the prophets emerge, and from the belly of the whale the spirit of Jonah, after desperately trying to avoid the mission, now reluctantly speaks the message of God calling for transition of turning to the true God from our twisted ways. With tears the Spirit of Christ speaks from the high hill with outstretched arms, again dripping with precious blood, calling, calling, calling, turn look up and come up here. Turn to me and let me love you, let me save you from your own life of twisted ways, that leads to devastation and death. Come and experience all my Father and I have prepared for you. Lay down your nets, burn your plows and sacrifice your oxen upon the fire. Beat your plow shears into swords and prepare to become sons of my Father, kings and priests with Me. Now is this time. Make the transition in this day for night soon comes when you can do nothing.

The fire of God has come, renewal and revival came upon many in the decade of the 90´s. God has poured out His Spirit and love upon many of His people. Many have been healed. The dead have been raised. Today many people are moving into a real and intimate relationship with God. Many young people are determined to live for God and not reproduce the powerless lukewarm religion of the past. There is a people coming forth that love God above all else and will give all they have and all they are to become the truly humble and holy people of God. Purity and holiness are again becoming the goal of life for the kingdom of God people coming forth in the world today.

Yet much of the church remains stuck in a deep rut of powerless religion and unbelief. Others who have tasted revival have been diverted and are often chasing after other gods of pleasure, self gratification, self promotion domination and control. Greed has captured many as money and fame become a major focus. Chasing gifts and following after men has diverted some who were once set free. We must have eyes to see truth to know where we really are and what God is really wanting for His Beautiful Bride.

Leaders, Christians, people who name the name of God, hear the word of the Lord who loves us and gave himself for us and seeks to live in and through His people establishing His purity and holiness in the world. It is our place to bring the power and presence of God into the world to make a difference. The purified holy Bride church is the plan of God to reach and change the people of the world.

We must face the reality that holiness is far from most of the people of the world. Most of the world and some of the church are overcome with living lives of pleasure seeking. Immorality is destroying people, sexual perversion is rampant. We have strained at gnats and swallowed camels. Abortion has murdered forty million unborn babies in America alone and yet we despise the use of test tube embryo´s being used for medical research and are quick to prosecute those who mistreat animals. We have locked God out of our schools, and yet open the door to "alternative life style" teaching. We must not deceive ourselves. It is time to GET REAL.

God is poised and ready to hear our sincere and desperate prayer for worldwide awakening. His ear is leaned forward listening for our prayer of turning from our ways unto Him and His ways. In painful long-suffering He waits. The angels await His signal to pour out their censors of golden liquid fire upon an awakening repentant people. God rejoices in the return of a prodigal world. He takes no pleasure and is greatly saddened in the devastation of the wayward.

Much of the world has been overcome with pleasure seeking, chasing sports, video games, entertainment, gambling, drunkenness, recreational drugs, sexual immorality, sexual perversion and every activity that pleasures the flesh and soul. Pornography, child abuse, and incest is invading the homes of the world and Christians alike, including leaders. Multitudes of people suffer as children are left to their own devices and grow up untrained in the truth and then later turn upon their parents in rebellion.

Much of the church has been and is yet spiritually asleep. Eyes and ears are closed to the kingdom of God and to the reality of the condition of our world. Many who should be leaders have become discouraged to the point of giving up and walking away from the sleeping church. We must wake up! It is time for a spiritual awakening that will lead to transition from where we have been as a church.

There must be a transition to the reality of the supernatural presence of God moving in and through the people of God. There needs be a transition from a church emphasis type of church to a kingdom of God type of church, no longer man centered, man pleasing, church, but becoming truly God centered and God focused worship in all arenas of life.

What would happen if the Spirit were to lead every leader in every church to stand before the people next meeting and say, I am not doing it any more. What we have been doing is not working. We are not changing the world the world is changing us, and I refuse to speak another word or do another religious thing until God shows up to take over and lead us. I am laying here on my face before the altar crying out to God to wake us up and change us. You can do what you want, you can leave and go somewhere else, you can come up here with me and cry out to God or you can do whatever but I refuse to do one more empty work while we continue to go the way we have gone.

This is the day I am laying it all before Him. This is the day I am turning from everything that He shows me is not of Him. This is the day I am seeking all of God with all of my heart. This is the day I must become holy as he is holy, No more white lies, no more trying to please people, I will seek to please God and to know him more intimately than ever before and to trust in Him only and no longer trust in anything else. Choose as you will but I am choosing to seek God´s way and God´s way only.

There just might be many who are hungering and thirsting for the reality of God enough that they would quickly follow such bold leadership of the Spirit. God will show up and people will turn toward Him and away from their ways.

There is a place of repentance before us. The last half of September and the first half of October is, I believe, a season prepared for repentance, turning to God and seeking Him. He will be found. There may or may not be another season like this one. Call a solemn assembly, turn fully to Him, pray desperately for your people, your nation, the nations of the world to be awakened and do not stop until it comes or until He says the season is finished.

This is the transition that must come. A shift to the reality of God´s direct leadership and the laying down of our systems and traditions of weak ways. A transition to the reality of true holiness in the lives of His people. A shift to true humility and purity of heart. A shift to the power of God moving in every meeting or encounter. A shift to intimate saturation in the Holy Spirit and prayer that changes us and the world around us.

We have this time to awaken and make this transition. Let´s let God take over and make the shift now.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 1103
United States
09/27/2005 03:50 PM
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Re: An Urgent and Crucial Time
Troubled Times
Jackie Skevington


What God has laid upon my heart to pray and warned me is this-- the

oil fields of America will topple........it will cause great

economic stress upon our nation.

He said to PRAY.........

Troubled times lay ahead for America if HIS PEOPLE don’t intercede

before it is too late.

Troubled times, like we have never had or even imagined.

Who is to blame when the robber comes into the home, and takes all

one has....?

Is it the robber ?

Or is the home owner who carelessly left the door unlocked,

presuming it wouldn’t happen to them ?

That is what America had done, saith the Lord of Hosts.

They have neglected praying, and seeking My face.

They have neglected loving and caring one for another.

They have been so busy, running and doing this and doing that, they

have forsaken my face, and my voice for their own thing,

They have forgotten their loved ones, their families, their little

ones....and their neighbors.

But with tragedy, their love will be renowned again, by necessity.

This is not my doing , saith the Lord,

But I will cause their hearts once again to seek my face, and in so

doing, they will minister in love, one to another--out of the

necessity of tragedy, their love for me, and one another, will be


Cry, Cry, aloud for me while it is yet day.

For when night cometh, it will be the time of tragedy already.

Call upon me , and I will hear thy cries and pleas and I will hear

from heaven and heal thy land.

I will hold back the storms and the wind, and I will cause my

Angels to bring balm to those who have been injured and need

their wounds bound up and healed.

I will hold back the destroyer for thy sakes,

Call upon me, and see what I surely will do in thy midst this day,

for I loveth my own, and those that are called by my name, and surely

I am in thy midst, and I will hear from heaven and heal thy land, if

thou will humble thyself and call upon me.

Do not be as the horse that needed blinders to go here or go there,

but submit thyself to my will and listen to that still small voice

and humble thyself and seek my face, and I will do great and mighty

things for thee and thy nation, if thou will call upon me this day,

this hour, and turn from thy wickedness, with thy whole heart.

Thus saith the Lord.

in Jesus name,

Jackie Skevington