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Message Subject Is obama further dividing the America people for the upcoming “day of rage”?
Poster Handle SilverPatriot
Post Content
Unions have pushed the jobs out of America. Tell me how that benefits American workers.

They ran out of other people's money, That's what Unions have done for Ameicans.

Stupid, stupid, stupid people

I wonder what a typical Union worker would do if they started a company and unions pushed their way in.

50 years ago we needed Unions, but their time has passed. We now have labor laws,

Unions and Union workers do not create jobs
 Quoting: ella

I hope you do not believe that I am supporting the unions and their demands, as clearly you are correct they have driven jobs overseas. Look at the plight of the US Postal Service who cannot send the jobs overseas they are in a bind, as the unions foisted a no layoff clause into their contracts. Eventually they will have to default and if they do there will be no winners but the unions fail to see the dire circumstances.
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