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Message Subject Is obama further dividing the America people for the upcoming “day of rage”?
Poster Handle YaKnow
Post Content
Unions fight to keep your jobs, they set the wage scale and keep you from ending up in the meat machine.

Greed is in balance with greed.
Laws need representatives to enforce them.
I wonder what your average owned would do without representatives to counter the not stop demands for production without Unions.
Meetings would not occur and safety would go by the way side.

Yes there is some corruption in them but where is there not corruption. Power without balance is corruption.

Balance has been tipped against workers by N.W.O. agendas.

I have both profited as a Union member and been the victim of my local Carpenters Union.

I have been proud of the work our members performed for Companies.

We do not tolerate slackers well.

I have seen the good and the bad in them but still say they are a neccessary element to balance corporate greed.

You living wage is set by efforts of working Unions members, most non- union workers would make less without our efforts.

I never once seen violence from picketers but was once ran over myself from greedy company owners.

Violence will erupt when a man can no longer pay his bills and put food on the table, period...I am not advocating violence but I do know it is the nature of the beast.
When a man is hungary he is a beast and will work for shit.

This is why we need balance, right now they have us all cow-towing.
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