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Message Subject Request: Will the Spiritually Evolved Beings Please Stop Feeding the Egos
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The reason that most spiritual teachings have been sheltered away from the common person throughout the histroy of the world is twofold 1) the common person would gain little benefit from evolution systems in a base state lacking the prerequisite condition 2) to preserve the integrity of these systems against the possibility of a person lacking sufficient comprehension and understanding of the material yet with sufficient knowledge to contribute falsehoods and misunderstandings to the larger discourse.

The little known secret to all these practices is that they DO VERY LITTLE to NOTHING for the psychological neurosis of the mind. In fact, one of the traditional great dangers of all these systems and in the whole guru system in general is the danger of markers of spiritual progress being faked or counterfitted by the conscious mind (both with intention and without intention) and the energy freed by the various practices, instead of being applied with integrity to the system for the evolution of the spirit to meet the eternal soul, go to fuel any number of neurotic ego-driven pathologies so commonly noted in the modern world today.

With this in mind, the dangling of the promises of the spiritual systems of the world in the face of one who is suffering NOT with some greater metaphysical dilemna but in fact with the weight of their own mis-programmed (from the faults of society and family) mind DOES THE SUFFERER NO FAVORS but insteads performs the role of a spell in witchcraft to chain their emotional well-being to the attainment of some kind of magickal sigil (which can be a concept or a physical mark), depriving the person of their own power and empowering THE OTHER, whether this be a book, a meditation, an evoked diety, or the guru.

With this in mind, what the average person needs from the evolved souls is not a diatribe on spiritual evolution or the promises of the Great Work, but rather a framing of the issue of each and every person's unique life which makes their suffering SIGNFICANT and IMPORTANT to THEM, an exploration of the origins and causes of their day to day struggles and simple understandings which point to the reasons why the things which come up in the mind and in the world act the way they do upon the individual, both as a product of their own lives and a product of the larger evolutionary enterprise known as humanity.

It is through the day to day realization of the nature of the STRUGGLE, that the mind can acheive the peace it needs to give the spirit the power required to make the first infant steps on the way to the permanent relieving of suffering that comes from evolution.

Human children cannot be given a discourse on the nature of walking, they must instead be fed and protected so they can grow until they can observe enough of walking to have the ability to do it without thought, to walk towards the light as a reflex and unstoppable inate drive!
 Quoting: Least Servant

So say we all...

I am guilty of encouraging several people on this site to "tell us more", it has made me uneasy when I see the reactions of many to the threads of these humans with good intentions, but I still feel the human race needs pushing forward.
Friends and I obtained info that at first we wanted to share with the world but now, NO many are not ready for it, they would go batshit crazy.
Shit, shit shit it looked so easy, so good (to me). I have a good old friend that if he was to listen and watch what we had obtained would....destroy his whole psychie, if not kill his body, at his own hand.

But I believe the info should be made available to ANYONE who wants to know, learn and progress.

You can lead a horse to water...
And he might kick you in the balls if he dont' want to drink.

I supose it all comes down to personal choice.
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