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Message Subject Request: Will the Spiritually Evolved Beings Please Stop Feeding the Egos
Poster Handle Revguard
Post Content
muahahah... damned
 Quoting: Least Servant

But if its ones timing in the natal chart, it will not fail to take root and grow.


I have to agree 100% with this. I started my journey with no "guru". All the info Apollo and others share, is out on the internet for anyone to find.

You can start your journey without a "guru" or without "initiation". Not saying you will reach the "end" without an initiation/guru. But you can start your journey without one.
 Quoting: Revguard

Rev, I think you are missing Least's point. For some, yeah, no problem. But for others, it creates 'problems' that are further and further harder to resolve. It is like democrats. They spout promises of immediate solutions to their woe's, without looking at the long term consequences.
 Quoting: SickScent

Yes, I see his point. I am of the thinking better to "teach" 100 students in hope of reaching 1 or 2, then to teach no one and reach 0.

Not sure which is the lesser of two evils. Confusing the 98 to reach 2, or teaching 0.

Hard questions for sure.

Perhaps it is better to just let the folks that are ready to stumble along their learning path until they reach someone who can help them. As opposed to teaching many.

Tough questions, and a great thread.

:green: for you Servant!
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